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Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Guiding Light With New Tattoo

(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Candace Cameron Bure is showing off a new wrist tattoo with her followers. Staying true to her faith, the new ink is powerful.

People get tattoos for various reasons. Some get them to honor a person or thing that they love. Others use tattoos as a daily reminder of what is important in life. Actress Candace Cameron Bure is showing off her new ink, which does a little bit of both.

In her latest Instagram post, the “Full House” star reveals the dainty cross on her wrist. Representing her spiritual faith and love for God, the dainty symbol is a reminder of her guiding light.

“I got something 🙈,” Bure writes. “Thank you @cachotattoo ✨✝️ for your delicate and beautiful artwork.”

The slideshow also includes images of Bure getting the tattoo done by Los Angeles artist CACHO. Fans and friends of the star are sharing their excitement in the comments.

“Ummmm SO PROUD OF YOU tattoo sister,” Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget’s widow writes.

 “love it just as much as I loved it the day you got it,” @missmakenzierae adds.

Some fans believe that her guiding light ink is inspired by late comedian Bob Saget. The pair had been close friends for decades, until his passing last month.

“So beautifully done – we miss Bob 👏🏼,” one fan says.

Candace Cameron Bure and Bob Saget’s Friendship

Candace Cameron Bure misses her friend dearly. Since starring on “Full House” together as America’s father-daughter duo, the actors felt an affinity for one another. Fans were surprised by this friendship because of the pair’s differences. In an interview with Today, Bure talks about how she got along with the actor despite his infamously Rated-R standup comedy routines.

“You know if people see Bob’s standup. It’s not family-friend standup. So, that would always be a question. Like, ‘How can you guys be friends?’ It’s like, well, I grew up with Bob. So I understand his sense of humor.”

The actress saw the man behind the jokes.

“But I can also separate that person that’s on the stage making jokes to get the laugh. And the real heart behind a person and their love and their friendship and their kindness,” she says.

In the same interview, she talks about Bob Saget’s openness with his emotions. The Full House star saw him get vulnerable multiple times. “He was so emotionally available all the time. And he was really the first person in my life as a man that I saw cry and have those emotions right at the forefront of his conversations.”

“You would see the tears well up in his eyes,” she adds. “Bob is a remarkable person and I’ve never had a friendship like the one I’ve had with him. That’s why it makes it so hard.”