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Candace Cameron Bure Shows Off New ‘Power Suit’ as She Promotes New Movie

(Photo by Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images)

“Fuller House” star Candace Cameron Bure shared a fiery snap promoting her newest project on Thursday night. The actress portrays sharp-minded librarian Aurora Teagarden in a new addition to the Teagarden Mystery series, “Haunted By Murder.” The film premieres on Hallmark at 9/8 central time on Sunday night. 

“Haunted By Murder”’s leading lady Bure is looking extra bold in her most recent Instagram post. The 45 year old is wearing an eye catching black suit with white accent lines. 

“Calling this my POWER SUIT,” Bure wrote in the post caption. The Hollywood professional promoted her upcoming TV appearance to talk about the new film. 

Bure has also given fans a sneak peek into behind the scenes content from the movie via her Instagram page, building anticipation for the big night. On Tuesday, she shared a look into a flashback scene that features her real life daughter on screen. Natasha Bure took on the challenge of portraying a younger version of her mother’s character, alongside Candace’s co-star’s daughter, Mia Shanks.

Candace Cameron Bure’s Daughter Calls the Experience ‘Thrilling’

“We open [the film] on young Aurora, young Sally, young Arthur. Two of these actors are actually played by our own daughters,” Candace Cameron said in the video.”I think it’s going to be really interesting for the audience to see Aurora and Sally as teenagers and when all of it started.”

“Being a part of this movie is so thrilling,” Natasha, 23, added in the video, “Because I get to play the younger version of Aurora, which is played by my mother.”

This “Aurora Teagarden” installment marks the 18th TV-movie adaptation of the Charlaine Harris novels. In the spirit of continuity, Bure has been on board as Teagarden since the series’ first installment, “A Bone to Pick.”

When it comes to the flashback scene, Candace Cameron says the idea brewed for a long time. Bure’s co-star Lexa Doig and her daughter Mia look so much alike, that it all fell into place pretty quickly. 

“We thought of this concept… and we thought about it for so long and with Lexa, we kept thinking ‘Our daughters look so much like [us]!’ So for maybe two years we were thinking, ‘We have to make some flashback scene! We have to have Natasha and Mia do this,'” Candace Cameron told ET.  “And here we are!”

Candace Told Her Daughter to ‘Tone Down the Cool Factor’

The actress recalled the day of filming, sharing that herself and Doig were being the ultimate stage moms and giving their daughters notes on how to play the characters. 

“But our biggest note to them [was] we had to tell them, ‘You guys are too cool! Like, stop! We were really, really dorky. [Aurora] was a nerd, you guys are really cool, so just like tone it down. Tone down the cool factor,'” she recalled with a laugh.

Natasha Bure was happy to play her mom in the movie. However, Candace shared how proud she is of her daughter for having a life all of her own. 

“I’m so proud of her. She’s great and she’s really been forging her own path,” Candace explained. “She does all these things for me as a favor, truly, ’cause she’s always like, ‘Mom, you know I wanna do this all on my own,’ and I’m like, ‘I know! But I actually really need your help. Please come help me.'”