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Candace Cameron Bure Speaks Out on Social Media Backlash Over Who She Follows

(Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)

Candace Cameron Bure is defending herself on social media once again. This time, she is standing up for her decisions to follow certain controversial figures.

According to a report by Fox News, Cameron Bure is standing behind her choice to follow certain individuals. These include former President Donald Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump.

“I read several comments from people, and I think there’s quite a bit of new followers, so thank you if you’re still around for following me here,” Cameron Bure said on her Instagram Stories, according to Fox News. She went on to say that some followers seemed “disappointed” in who she follows on social media.

Cameron Bure added: “It’s always strange to me because I follow a very broad range of people — politically, within my work industry and then personal friends and things I like.”

In addition to following the Trumps, Candace Cameron Bure reportedly also follows members of the new administration. They include President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. She also follows many members of the Hollywood community.

“A follow does not mean an endorsement,” Cameron Bure reportedly said. “A follow does not mean I agree with everything they say and do. It just means I follow a broad range of people so that I have perspective. I want to know what’s going on in the world, I want to hear different sides of the argument. I follow people in entertainment that I don’t necessarily agree with or act the same way, but I want to hear what our society, what culture is dishing out.”

Candace Cameron Bure Says Variety of Opinions Gives Her ‘Perspective’

Following individuals who share a variety of viewpoints is educational, even if she disagrees with those viewpoints, according to Cameron Bure. “I don’t get angry at it. So maybe it’s healthy for some of you not to follow people you disagree with. But it doesn’t upset me — it just gives me perspective,” she said.

In fact, according to reports, Candace Cameron Bure is more interested in talking about her Christian faith than about politics.

“I just don’t publicly want to talk about politics,” Cameron Bure said. “Not because I don’t believe that my viewpoints and opinions are important but I would much rather share Jesus with people. That’s really my passion.”

Actress Addresses Backlash on Social Media

This week’s social media-related drama isn’t the first time Candace Cameron Bure has sparred with others online. Earlier in January, Bure said she planned to take a break from social media after she faced backlash over a photo she had shared.

Days earlier Cameron Bure posted a family photo of herself, her husband Val, and their three children, Natasha, 22, Lev, 20, and Maksim, 18. In the photo, Natasha and Maksim are not smiling, but the rest of the family is. 

“You’d expect more out of celebrities who know more about the camera,” one complaint said. “Anyway, enjoy your celebrity status and grow a thicker hide!”

“Wow,” Cameron Bure responded. “I post a family photo and you all find everything you don’t like about it or can make fun of. Do better than that. Please.”

She also addressed this backlash on Facebook.

“I posted my family Christmas photo and sadly, there were so many unkind comments,” she said. “Do you think it’s funny to criticize someone’s children? To make jokes about them? To critique our poses? The direction in which we are looking? Our physical appearance and facial expressions?”