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Candace Cameron Bure Spots Her ‘Husband on the Wall’ as ‘Christmas Contest’ Releases

(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Hallmark Channel star Candace Cameron Bure spots her husband in a cute Instagram post. Their love is adorable.

Candace Cameron Bure never shies away from sharing her life with her fans. The “Full House” actress creates a fun Instagram for herself, sharing images from her latest projects as well as of her family. Last night, Bure snaps a photo of her and her husband at dinner – only her husband is not there in person.

In the post, Bure sits with her daughter Natasha at Miko Sushi, located in Vancouver. On the wall behind them includes a signed image of Bure’s husband Val Bure. Val is a renowned Hockey player with 10 seasons in the National Hockey League under his belt. Val’s picture looks like it comes straight out of a sports magazine, including a fun message from the athlete: “To Miko, great sushi!”

The “Queen of Christmas” cannot resist sharing the silly coincidence on Instagram. Her caption just proves that the couple is still so happy after 25 years of marriage.

“When you go to dinner and your husband is on the wall…,” Bure starts. “and with you, even though he’s not there in person. My love” she says with three heart emojis.

This is not the first time Bure has gushed about her husband. In her 25th anniversary post, Bure responds to fans asking for marriage advice.

“No marriage is picture-perfect. Not one. And certainly not ours,” she begins. “But through thick and thin, ups and downs, God has blessed us tremendously with guidance and perseverance. I believe God is the secret sauce.”

New Hallmark Movie: “The Christmas Contest”

The Hallmark Channel’s “The Christmas Contest” is finally out, and fans are raving. Starring Candace Cameron Bure and “Fuller House” favorite John Brotherton, the movie follows two exes competing in a baking competition. The stakes are high and the winner receives a money prize to donate to the charity of their choice. But of course, with every Hallmark Movie comes some sweet romance. Will the two exes rekindle their love? Or, will competition get the better of them?

With “The Christmas Contest” as her 10th film for the Hallmark Channel, Bure keeps the same goal in mind with every role. That is, to give viewers a festive new movie every holiday season.

“This being my 10th Christmas movie for the Hallmark Channel, you do try to make them as different as you can, while still staying in the framework of a Hallmark movie,” Bure tells E!. “So there’s always pressure to not have a repeat story; the repeat beats, the same tropes that you can fall into with a Hallmark film. There’s pressure, but I’m very aware of what those elements are and try my best to make it fresh and new every year.”

Watch “The Christmas Contest” on Hallmark TV now.