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‘Chicago Fire’: Do New Set Photos Suggest a Character Is Leaving Soon?

(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Could a new set photo suggest that one Chicago Fire character may soon be leaving Firestation 51? One Chicago fans certainly know that Fire’s 10th season has been quite the rollercoaster ride. Of course, the popular Dick Wolf franchise is always full of heart-pounding story arcs. But, there’s no denying that this season of the popular NBC drama seems to be heavier on some big, big changes.

Among these changes is the exit of fan-favorite Jesse Spencer as he stepped away from Fire at the beginning of Season 10. Spencer exited the popular NBC drama series when his character, Matthew Casey left Station 51 to care for his late best friend’s young boys. Filling in the spot left open after Spencer’s exit from the series is Brett Dalton who portrays Jason Pelham. However, some recent sneak peeks into upcoming episodes suggest that Pelham’s time with the Chicago Fire crew may be coming to an end very soon.

Could Some Recently Released ‘Chicago Fire’ Set Photos Be Teasing Pelham’s Exit?

Recently the One Chicago Updates Twitter page released some sneak peek photos. These pics are showing Chicago Fire members on the set in some behind-the-scenes moments from some upcoming Fire episodes. They certainly are a fun glimpse into what the One Chicago team is up to with decidedly few spoilers. However, one image makes us wonder about a major change that may be coming to the leadership crew of firehouse 51.

When Brett Dalton stepped into the Chicago Fire cast, his character was a temporary replacement for Matt Casey. However, Dalton’s Pelham was offered a permanent lieutenant spot soon after his arrival. A spot that many assumed would be filled by Chicago Fire alum Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Kidd. And, in the recently released photos, there are a few snapshots that suggest Kidd has now taken this role within the One Chicago station house.

Among the photos released by the One Chicago Updates Twitter page is one group shot depicting members of the Chicago Fire cast; including Mayo’s Kidd. It appears as if Kidd is wearing the lieutenant shield on her Chicago Fire helmet.

Are We Saying Goodbye to Pelham Sooner Than We Thought?

This, of course, suggests Stella Kidd may be transitioning into the role of lieutenant. If this is true, we wonder if Pelham may be on his way out.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Miranda Ray Mayo’s Stella Kidd may just be filling in the role for a shift. However, a closer look at the One Chicago tweet suggests something else. Pelham is missing in the recent set pics. Could this mean that Pelham is leaving the One Chicago fire station sooner than fans had previously anticipated? The only way to know for sure is to tune into Chicago Fire this Wednesday, February 23; when the hit series returns to NBC after a brief hiatus.