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‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Who Caitlin Carver Is Playing

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The tenth season of the hit One Chicago series, Chicago Fire, has brought quite a few changes. Since last fall, Chicago Fire has made some big casting changes. Some of these big Chicago Fire moments include saying goodbye to Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey and welcoming new cast member Brett Dalton’s Jason Pelham.

The series has also spent more time highlighting the stories following some other Chicago Fire characters such as Jimmy Nicholas’s Chief Hawkins who is finding himself to be a part of a complicated love triangle. A big season for the series, for sure. And, it seems Fire isn’t done with the tenth season changes, either. In fact, the Chicago Fire cast will be expanding a bit this spring as Dear White People actress Caitlin Carver joins the cast. New faces are always fun, for sure. But, what can we expect from Carver’s upcoming One Chicago role?

Who Is Caitlin Carver Portraying on ‘Chicago Fire?’

It was recently announced that Caitlin Carver would be picking up a role as a new paramedic in the second half of Fire’s tenth season. So far, there have been no major details released about Carver’s character aside from the fact she is a paramedic named Emma. However, there is certainly no shortage of medic roles for the actress to fill in the series. And we are excited to learn more as her character’s storyline emerges in the hit series.

Will Caitlin Carver’s new character be a part of Chicago Fire’s Firehouse 51? That is very likely the case since new characters are commonly introduced to the firehouse. It’s also equally possible that the new Emma character would be stationed somewhere else. At least in her initial appearances.

But, it wouldn’t be unheard of if Carver’s paramedic role becomes a regular part of the One Chicago firehouse. The series has seen several paramedic characters joining the Chicago Fire team since they are an integral part of any first-responder team.

Could Caitlin Carver Be the Latest to Join Ambulance 61?

Another possibility for Caitlyn Carver’s role on Chicago Fire is that the actress will be part of the Ambulance 61 crew. Fans of the popular series know that Ambulance 61 is no stranger to turnover. Over the years, fans have seen a variety of characters come and go operating Ambulance 61 on the series.

Some of these characters include Leslie Shay; Gabby Dawson; Peter Mills; Allison Rafferty; Jessica “Chili” Chilton; Jimmy Borrelli; Emily Foster and Gianna Mackey. Of course, right Sylvie Brett and Violet Mikami are heading the Chicago Fire Ambulance 61. Maybe a big storyline is coming our way regarding the future of these Chicago Fire players?