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‘Chicago Med’ Star Nick Gehlfuss Reveals His Most Memorable Episode

(ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

In a recent Instagram Q&A, Chicago Med actor Nick Gehlfuss revealed his most memorable episode to date. Gehlfuss plays Dr. Will Halstead on the hit One Chicago franchise series and has done so since the show aired in 2015.

In an Instagram post, One Chicago posted a photo of himself as Halstead and asked fans for questions. And they definitely delivered, asking him everything from what it’s like working with certain co-stars, and what some of his best memories working on the show are.

“Dr. Halstead is in! Share any of your pressing theories or questions for @nickgehlfuss and you might get a response,” the Instagram account wrote. The franchise likes running Q&A sessions with its actors. And fans seem to love them as well.

“Most memorable episode?” one fan asked. There’s certainly plenty to choose from. But the Halstead actor’s most memorable should come as no surprise.

“Hands down when Halstead had to drill into a mobster’s head while in a Tux on his wedding day,” the actor wrote. And yeah…. we’d say that’s pretty memorable. “Only to have his life nearly end and be hauled away into protective custody. He did get to say goodbye to Natalie briefly in front of the church.”

Yeah, Chicago Med definitely doesn’t hold back with the drama. And it’s not just a memorable episode for him. It also sticks out in the minds of fans. How could it not?

Halstead Has an Unusual Patient in Tonight’s ‘Chicago Med’ Episode

Tonight’s Chicago Med episode will see Maggie and Will treating an unusual patient. Here’s the description for the episode so you can get a better Idea:

“Goodwin assigns Med’s new compliance officer to a patient with a long-hauler [pandemic-related] condition Maggie helps Will treat a patient who’s been in an iron lung for 60 years. Stevie learns hard truths about her mother. Terrell returns to Med under dire circumstances,” the description reads.

Iron lungs were an old piece of medical technology used to help patients with breathing. There are a few people that are still alive with an iron lung. It was commonly used on Polio patients. It’s definitely going to be an interesting yet heartbreaking case. And sadly, while it sounds like outrageous fiction, it’s based on reality.

The episode next week will see Halstead getting a settlement from the whistleblower case. But now, he has to decide how to spend that money.

You can catch the new episode of Chicago Med tonight at 8/7 central on NBC followed by an all-new episode of Chicago Fire.