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‘Chicago Med’ Star Steven Weber Teases What the Future Has in Store for Dean

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Chicago Med star Steven Weber joined the cast of the popular One Chicago series during the show’s sixth season on the air. Since then, Weber’s Med character, Dr. Dean Arthur has been promoted from a guest star to a series regular. A curt and often divisive character, Dr. Dean Archer came to the series as a replacement for Med’s Dr. Choi (Brian Tee) as he recuperates from a major injury.

A Navy veteran with PTSD, Weber’s character is can be gruff with his Med coworkers. And, finds often himself to be at odds with much of the Chicago Med team. It doesn’t help, of course, that Weber’s Dr. Dean Archer had a hand in Dr. Choi’s getting shot in a confrontation with a disgruntled patient in Med’s season six.

‘Chicago Med’ Star Expects A More In-Depth Look Into Dr. Dean Archer

However, notes Weber, fans of the popular NBC drama can expect to see Dr. Archer’s character begin to soften a bit as the seventh season continues. In fact, the actor notes, fans will be getting a more in-depth look into Archer’s personal life. Including a deeper look into the complicated past between Archer and his son; with whom the doctor has not spoken for at least fifteen years.

“They’re starting to scratch away at this guy and we’re getting hints of his past,” Steven Weber says of the Chicago Med showrunners.

“When I read that line, “My son hasn’t talked to me in years,” I thought, “Oh, he has a son, good to know,”” Weber continues.

“It’s exciting to see what happens. I don’t think the writers and the show would have spent as much time on keeping Dean around if they weren’t going to reveal some stuff about him,” the One Chicago star adds of his character. “The why’s and the wherefores that make him such a pain in the ass half the time.”

Weber Admits Dr. Archer Can Be Hard to Understand

Weber admits that his Chicago Med character has been difficult to like since he arrived at the Gaffney Medical Center. But, the actor says, this has a lot to do with the depth of the character. As complicating issues that make him who he is.

“He’s a good guy, but he’s a guy that has been through a lot of stuff in his life, as so many people have,” Weber explains of Dr. Archer.

“He’s a guy that was a Naval surgeon, he’s seen action,” the Chicago Med actor adds.

“He’s had some issues maybe relating to that. Maybe he’s had some personal issues,” he continues, noting that Archer is a mystery. And, he can be very short with others.

“Certainly, in the beginning when we saw him, he made some choices that were really questionable and rough around the edges,” Weber says.

“I think the show has softened him a little bit, but he’s still not immediately likable,” the actor continues. “He has proven himself as a person who has a heart, even though it might be encased in a lot of armor.”