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‘Chicago PD’: Here’s Which Star Made the Jump to ‘Fire’ the Most

Barry Brecheisen, Getty Images

Which Chicago PD star has been featured on Chicago Fire the most?

The answer is somewhat surprising. Most people would assume that it would be a character with a lot of screen time and action that would need to be with the firefighters.

It’s actually Amy Morton as veteran desk sergeant Trudy Platt with 30 episodes to her name. Meanwhile, Voight came in with 24 episodes and Burgess guest-starred for 23.

So why is Trudy Platt on the series so often? It’s because the character is married to the beloved Mouch McHolland, played by Christian Stolte.

Morton spoke about her character’s effect on her Chicago PD husband to Tell Tale TV. “Well, first of all, better cocktails, with fresh fruit and a really good jukebox. But I have a feeling we’re going to maybe, I don’t know, add some frilly touches that might make Herrmann puke,” Morton said with a smile.

Her first episode on Fire was in 2014 in the episode entitled “A Rocket Blasting Off”. Her most recent episode was in 2022 on “Back With a Bang.”

Which Characters Appeared in ‘Chicago PD’ and ‘Chicago Med’?

Chicago PD has a slew of fan-favorite characters that have been longstanding in the series. But who out of the enormous cast list has appeared in nearly all of the episodes?

Chicago PD‘s very own actor Kevin Atwater, played by actor LaRoyce Hawkins, has appeared in every single episode over the past nine seasons, except for one.

 Looper reported that the one episode where fans don’t see Atwater was the Season 2 episode entitled “Erin’s Mom.” The plot centered around the investigation of a rental company’s quite shady customer. The show concluded with a robbery and a homicide. So, where exactly was Atwater? There were no answers given but it. could have ranged from a sick day to a personal day or even a vacation.

Aside from appearing in almost all of the episodes, he also crossed over into the other One Chicago franchises. He has appeared in a total of twelve episodes of Chicago Fire and Chicago Justice (which was canceled).

Meanwhile, one Chicago Med star has appeared on PD the most. That person is none other than actor Nick Gehlfuss who portrays Dr. Will Halstead. It makes sense that he would be on it the most as his younger brother is Detective Jay Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer. It would only make sense that the brothers hang out and have cases that coincide with one another.

Gehlfuss has appeared on Chicago PD for a total of 17 times and starred in 20 episodes of Chicago Fire.