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Cole Hauser Speaks Out About ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Finale, Beth and Rip’s Fate

(photo credit: Jon Kopaloff / Stringer / Getty Images)

Cole Hauser is opening up about the Season 3 finale of Yellowstone and what he sees in the future for his character, Rip Wheeler. According to the 45-year-old actor, he thinks there is hope for Rip and Kelly Reilly’s Beth.

During an interview with Esquire, Hauser talked about working closely with Reilly. “I got to say–out of everybody, she’s such a pleasure to work with,” Hauser said. “We have so much to do together. Being able to act them with her is an honor.”

Not only does Cole Hauser enjoy working with Reilly on Yellowstone, but also he thinks their characters may end up together. When asked if Rip and Beth can last, Hauser said, “That’s absolutely something that could happen. You’re going to see how it shakes out at the end, but… we’ll see where Taylor (Sheridan) takes us.”

He continued by adding: “That relationship, it could go many different ways, but I think it could go in the way of us being together.”

According to Hauser, Rip’s best scenario is “with Beth, in a shack.” He says, “I think they’re somewhere happy. It would be a real success story for both of them. Not just for Rip, because they’ll have each other.”

Many Yellowstone fans suspect that the show writers may kill off Rip. Hauser says he doesn’t try to dive in too deeply into making predictions about his character. “A couple buddies of mine who are friends of the show sent me something on Instagram that said, ‘Will Rip survive season three?’ You know you’re doing alright if people are making those kind of things up,” he said. “It’s not something I pay a lot of attention to, but it’s interesting that people are going in that direction.”

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