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Corbin Bernsen Reprising Role of Arnie Becker in ‘L.A. Law’ Revival

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ABC must have heard that Dick Wolf and NBC are reviving the original “Law & Order” series because the network picked up a reboot of the classic “L.A. Law,” which initially ran from 1986 to 1994. However, the two differ in that “L.A. Law” has already confirmed the return of two original core cast members. Corbin Bernsen and Jonathan Rollins are coming back to reprise their roles.

Of course, “L.A. Law” was far from the criminal procedural nature of “Law & Order.” And it’s safe to say Corbin Bernsen’s Arnie Becker won’t be the same womanizer he was during the original series. While the infamous divorce lawyer may return with the same disposition as his younger self, he will be in his 60s.

According to Deadline, the thrust of the revived show will revolve around Becker trying to fit into the modern world. The outlet reports that Corbin Bernsen and Jonathan Rollins will likely be the only cast members from the original “L.A. Law” to play series regulars on the new show. That’s fitting, considering the law firm’s name is now “Becker Rollins,” reflecting both of their characters’ names.

Deadline reports the potential for other original cast members to return in a guest star capacity.

“I’ve often thought about revisiting ‘LA Law’ and Arnie Becker over the years. Now seems the perfect moment in time to explore our fast-changing world through Becker’s eyes. Fasten your seatbelts,” said Bernsen, per the outlet.

Marc Guggenheim and Ubah Mohamed wrote the pilot. Anthony Hemingway directs the foray into the world of high-stakes litigation, which finds Becker and Rollins re-branding the firm as a specialist in high-profile, controversial cases.

‘L.A. Law’ Star Corbin Bernsen Hasn’t Wanted for Work Since His Days on the Original Show

When an iconic TV show makes an actor’s career, it often paints the star into a corner. Many find themselves struggling to find acting work outside of the show’s respective genre or are typecast into playing that type of role for the rest of their career.

“L.A. Law” made Corbin Bernsen a recognizable figure, without a doubt. But the Arnie Becker actor forged a highly accomplished career in TV and movies following the iconic role. Now, the 67-year old actor has more than 250 acting credits to his name. One look at his IMDb page, and it seems like he’s never been busier.

Let’s put it this way; the man played 10 parts in 2020 alone. To this day, the “L.A. Law” star is keeping a foot in each of the TV and movie worlds. Many will remember Bernsen recently from his work on the fan-favorite series “Psych.” He is currently in the works on the third TV movie stemming from that show.

Corbin Bernsen has eight other roles that are in production or, like “L.A. Law,” have been announced. We’re looking forward to seeing his work.