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‘Criminal Minds’: Garcia Once Had a Close Moment With Death

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When you are a member of the BAU in the FBI, you are going to be in the line of fire often. It’s the nature of the job on “Criminal Minds”. However, you would not expect the person in charge of the tech to be in those same dangerous circumstances, generally speaking. Agent Garcia, though, once had a close moment with death on the show.

It came in Season 3 on the program. It was not a situation where Garcia was out working in the field. Rather, it was a first date gone terribly wrong. The unsub’s name is Colby. Garcia is extremely excited about the first date with the mystery man. Everything goes well early on until they say goodnight when he shoots Garcia in her chest.

The BAU agent is lucky to survive the ordeal and can’t believe what all actually happened. She is embarrassed by it all and quite shaken up. The team later figures out this unsub targeted Garcia to shoot and then save her for fame reasons.

Agent Garia on ‘Criminal Minds’

Garcia quickly became a fan favorite on the CBS program. She was a different kind of character right away that folks very much enjoyed spending time with. Plus, her friendship with Agent Morgan was something fans also adored. However, Agent Morgan does eventually leave the show. Because the show ran for fifteen seasons, turnover was inevitable.

Vangsness told AssignmentX, “I think confused and happy would be two good … no, I think all of those. Of course you get sad when people go and you don’t want them to, and then you don’t expect someone to go, you’re planning on that, but the additions that we’ve had, the additions have been astonishingly wonderful. Damon [Gupton], Aisha [Tyler], Adam [Rodriguez] – these are gifts that the heavens are giving. Harold Perrineau, from LOST [was] a recurring guest [in Season 12]. It’s always been an embarrassment of riches.”

It was hard, but the team replaced the stars with other stars. It’s the nature of the business and Vangsness had a great attitude about it all.

She added about Emily Prentiss taking over as the head of the BAU, “There’s nothing more ferocious than a woman who cares about a group of people. You know what the Dalai Lama said – “The Western woman will save the world.” And I think what we’re doing by having such strong women on this show is a metaphor for that.”

Prentiss was a natural replacement for Agent Hotch and it worked out well for the show in the last few seasons. Now, the show returns on Paramount+ with a lot of those familiar faces that fans know and love. Paget Brewster and Vangsness are both reportedly returning for the show on the streaming platform.