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‘CSI: Vegas’: Is the Show Teasing a Key Death in Startling New Trailer?

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The new CSI: Vegas teaser is an absolutely wild ride. With tons of new information to process and plenty of new shots of Gil, Sara, and the new characters, the teaser has fans ready for October.

The teaser, posted by the Twitter account for the show, reveals that a massive report will show that someone inside the CSI crime lab has been corrupt, and a specific moment has really caught people’s attention. Sara tells Gil that she has doubts about a crime scene.

“You and I both know what it feels like when a scene is staged,” she says.

“I don’t want it to be true either, Sara,” Gil responds.

Could this mean someone the two of them know is a victim in this crime scene? Or could Sarah be right? Could someone have staged the scene? If the former is true…it does seem like there could be a pretty major death in the upcoming season.

Either way, CSI: Vegas seems to be shaping up to take a very narrative approached focus to its season. With Gil actor William Peterson and Sara actor Jorja Fox on board, it’s hard not to get excited.

Peterson and Fox Had their Doubts about Joining ‘CSI: Vegas’

Even though the series sounds like it was going to be great. It took some thinking to get both William Peterson and Jorja Fox back on the show. But the thing that got them to come back? The chance to work with each other.

“I was hesitant,” Gil Grissom actor William Peterson said in an interview with TV Insider. “But the idea of coming back and doing this with Jorja…

Fox seconded that thought.

“I was also hesitant—I felt like the story left Sara and Grissom in paradise together—but getting to work with William Petersen again? They had me at hello!” she said.

Aside from Peterson and Fox, plenty of other former CSI cast members will come back to the show for guest appearances. But the show isn’t sticking to the old. It’s ushering in the new with a bunch of new cast members. Mel Rodriguez, Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria, and Mandeep Dhillon will all join the series as crucial members of the CSI: Vegas crime lab.

Newsome has a particularly large role. She’ll play Roby, the current head of the crime lab. The teaser finds her in hot water after the explosive report that reveals someone corrupt worked for their lab. Not only that but 8,000 prisoners may be released as a result, making her fear for the reputation of the organization.

We’ll find out whether or not the identity of the corrupt agent will be revealed or if Gil and Sara truly do lose someone close to them when CSI: Vegas finally premieres. If you’re excited to catch the return of the CSI franchise, CSI: Vegas airs on Wednesday, October 6th on 10/9 central on CBS.