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‘CSI: Vegas’: Will Season 2 Reveal Sara and Gil’s Fates?

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What do we really need from “CSI: Vegas” season 2? Allie and Folsom taking center stage? Max being her usual badass self? How about Sara and Grissom’s happy ending? Now that they’re not going to be on the show anymore, we should see how they end up; if they’re happy, still working with their marine mammals, still living on the boat.

When they first retired in 2015, they were supposed to spend their lives sailing, having children, studying, learning, bettering humanity. But, instead, they came back to the crime lab for “CSI: Vegas,” giving up their canonical ending for the new series. Now that they’re not coming back for season 2, though, can they go back to their idyllic permanent summer vacation?

This would have been a good note to end season 1 on, but by then Fox and Petersen hadn’t yet announced they weren’t returning. So, maybe something in the beginning of season 2, at the start or end of the first episode, that highlights what Sara and Grissom are doing now. Maybe they’d agree to come back and film one scene as a send off, but if not, just a mention of them from Max or even Catherine would be nice.

Here’s how I see it: someone, maybe Allie or Folsom, asks about Sara and Grissom and why they didn’t come back. Max mentions that they’re off on their second retirement, shacked up on the boat, sailing around the world, etc., etc. Or, this would be a great way to introduce Catherine Willows to the team. Someone asks about Sara and Grissom, and Catherine enters the room and says, “They’ve already set sail,” or something like that. She could explain their work, whatever it is they’re doing, maybe throw in a nod to the fact that they used to work together. And then, formally introduce Catherine to her new team.

‘CSI: Vegas’: How Will Folsom and Allie Fill the Sara-and-Grissom-Shaped Hole At the Lab?

Grissom is gone, off sailing the seas with his wife (hopefully), and now Folsom has to step up and take that place. Both Allie and Folsom have big shoes to fill; Sara and Grissom set a good example for them, and now the lab is theirs, more or less. They’re going to have to prove themselves.

Now, both Folsom and Allie have the chance to prove just how good they are at forensics. What we need, is more backstory. “CSI: Vegas” has to potential to have really strong, successful characters, but we need to know more about them. Backstory is key, here. Why did they get into forensics? What’s their favorite thing to do after work? What were their childhoods like?

There’s a lot of potential for character building, because they’re more or less blank slates right now. We know a bit about Folsom’s past, as in, he likes horses. And we know all about Allie’s troubled relationship with her boyfriend. But there’s so much more “CSI: Vegas” can do to build them into really strong characters. I’m just hoping they don’t get overshadowed by Catherine Willows.