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‘Deadliest Catch’: Watch the ‘Perfect Storm’ That’s Brewing in Tonight’s New Episode Teaser

(Stephen Lam/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Tonight, Deadliest Catch looks to bring the drama. Watching the crab fishing boats traverse the rough waters is exciting and scary. A new episode is ready to air at 8 PM EST on Discovery Channel. Earlier today fans were treated to a sneak peek at the upcoming episode.

Fans of Deadliest Catch know that the stakes are high for the men on these boats. Surviving the extreme weather is a tall task. Crab fishing boats are small vessels in comparison to the sea. Waves, rain, storms, and more cause major issues on board. During the course of the series, all kinds of mishaps have occurred.

In the video, it seems that every boat is dealing with its own problems. Monte Colburn and Johnathan Hillstrand are featured throughout. During the video, heavy ice, huge waves, and more threaten the crews and the bottom line. In Deadliest Catch there are no friends. Mutual respect and help are given in trying times. Each catch is important.

Losing crab due to weather or other circumstances can break a season. If equipment or gear gets broken, boats usually have to wait to get back to shore or make do without. That is easier said than done when in the icy waters of crab fishing territory.

When it comes to dangerous waves, it only takes one. If a crew member doesn’t prepare for a hit they can easily end up in the freezing waters below. Part of a captain’s job is protecting his crew by calling out. Looking at the Twitter video, heavy ice and waves are in store for the episode.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Pranks and More

While help is given at times, pranks between boats happen often. Recently, Captain Johnathan Hillstrand dressed as a pirate. While in the garb, Hillstrand “ambushed” the crew of the Northwestern. When you’re out on the seas for long periods of time, boredom sets in and that’s when the crab fishermen get creative.

While dressing as a pirate on the sea is up there with great pranks, there are more pranks than that over the years. From blow-up dolls to filling up a crab cage with pumpkins. The top boat for all things pranks has to be the Time Bandit. The crew loves messing with not only each other but other boats as well. It’s all in good fun though, and most of the crew members and captains appreciate the pranks.

Tonight, it seems that there might be another prank in store for the Deadliest Catch crew. There is no telling what could happen. With the Time Bandit floating in the waters, no one is safe and that includes its captain. Fans will have to tune in to see exactly what the next practical joke is, and who falls victim to the incident.