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‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Opens Up About Love for Skiing: Mountains Felt Like ‘a Giant Playground to Explore’

(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Capitol File Magazine)

On Tuesday, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson shared multiple posts on Instagram about her family’s recent vacation and opened up about her love for skiing.

The reality TV star said she’s grown up skiing since the age of five. Her grandparents introduced her to the outdoor sport at a young age and she’s enjoyed it ever since. She even went on annual ski trips that her mother organized with other families from their church.

“The mountains to me felt like a giant playground to explore!” Korie Robertson explained. “I’ll never forget getting to used poles for the first time, it was a rite of passage!”

Korie Robertson Reveals Scary Story From Childhood Ski Trip

The mother of five shared a story from a ski trip when she was nine years old. Robertson said that she and a friend got stuck at the bottom of the mountain after the ski lifts had turned off. This pre-dated cell phones, so there was no other option than to walk all the way back up the mountain. The two girls were scared and tired and didn’t know if they’d make it. However, they finally made it to the top where their fathers were worried sick. Each of their dads picked their girls up and carried them back on their backs the rest of the way.

“Thinking about some of my favorite memories skiing, it’s the times of adversity that I remember most. …We can spend our whole life trying to stay comfortable,” Robertson shared. “But it’s the hard times that we tell the stories about, that shape us and help us grow!”

The Duck Dynasty star shared a bible verse – Romans 5:3-4. Similar to the bible verse’s message, Robertson shared how thankful she is “for the perseverance learned on the mountain.” She said parents shouldn’t shield their children from hard times. Instead, they should be there for them and let them take risks. She added a picture of herself, her husband, Willie Robertson, and her parents while recently on the ski slopes during their vacation.

“Thanks mom and dad for taking us all those years, and for carrying me when I needed it. Thankful that we are still hitting the slopes together!” Korie Robertson concluded her touching Instagram post.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Hit The Slopes During Family Vacation

In addition to her thoughtful post sharing her love for skiing, Korie Robertson shared a separate post thanking her husband.

According to Willie’s better half, she says her husband isn’t a huge fan of skiing. Yet the Buck Commander star has a pretty good reason as to why he’s not a fan of hitting the slopes.

Willie had two knee surgeries that don’t exactly make skiing a pleasurable experience. Korie knows it’s difficult for her husband, and thanked him for being a good sport during their ski vacation. He did at least join his wife on one occasion on the mountain, and Korie has the pic to prove it.

Although it’s not completely clear at first glance, Robertson’s selfie is indeed the couple behind their masks and ski equipment. You can see Korie’s eyes at least since she lifted her ski goggles for the pic. But Willie’s entire head might as well be covered. You can only see his nose and the top of his beard peaking out between his mask and goggles. As Korie joked, she’s doesn’t think her husband is smiling underneath all his ski gear.

“Can you tell that I’m smiling under the mask 😁. (Willie Robertson) has had 2 knee surgeries so he’s not the biggest fan of skiing but he humored me and joined me on the mountain for a bit, and I love him for it! I’m not sure he’s smiling under there though, ha!” the reality television star posted.