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‘Duck Dynasty’: Missy Robertson Shares Fun Photos from ‘Iconic’ Family Fishing Trip to Colorado

(Photo by Erika Goldring/FilmMagic)

Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson took to her Instagram account on Sunday (July 11th) to share some fun photos from an “iconic” family fishing trip to Colorado. 

“Iconic day of fishing!” Missy begins the post, featuring her husband Jace Robertson holding a massive fish. “For most of us… BIG thanks to Blue Valley Rach for incredible hospitality and scenery.” 

The Duck Dynasty alum also says the family saw more wildlife in one day than they did in Yellowstone last year. She describes the adventure as unbelievably beautiful. 

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Missy Robertson Shares Her Very Own Parenting Advice

In an interview with A&E, Missy Robertson discusses how she and her husband Jase parent their children. “Each of our three children [has] very different personalities,” the Duck Dynasty star explains. “And they are each accomplished in a variety of things.”

Missy then reveals that her oldest Reed is very athletic and succeeds in every sport he attempts. Cole is more laid-back and never asks for attention. And Mia is very musical and she takes piano as well as loves to sing. “It’s easy to encourage your children when it comes to their accomplishments,” the former reality TV actress states.  

The Duck Dynasty star then says that encouragement and praise are two different things and it is important for kids to know that they are not going to be great at everything they do. “If they find they are good at something or have a special gift, we encourage them to work really hard at it and give it their best effort.”

In regards to the biggest lessons she has learned as a parent, the Duck Dynasty celeb states it is the fact that she will fail sometimes.

“I so want to protect them from everything but have learned that I just can’t, that I shouldn’t. If they don’t start learning to protect themselves and deal with their own consequences.”

Missy Robertson Talks Things She Swore She’d Never Do As a Parent that She Now Does Regularly 

Also during the interview, the Duck Dynasty alum says there is one thing she swore she would never do as a parent that she does regularly.

“There is one phrase that my mom and dad used to say to me when I would ask over and over why I couldn’t do something,” she explains, which “because I said so” the most key phrase used by parents. “I promised I would never do that to my kids and that I would always give them a respectful answer to every question they asked.”

She then laughs and admits that didn’t last long. Missy now doesn’t feel that it’s a bad answer because a child doesn’t always need an explanation. “That’s why we’re the parent,” Robertson adds.