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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Compares Wife Miss Kay to Norm Crosby for ‘Butchering the English Language’

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Watch as Duck Dynasty vet Phil Robertson teases his wife, the incomparable Miss Kay, over her hilarious “butchering” of words.

In Dysfunction to Dynasty, the Duck Dynasty family grants unparalleled access to the story of their kin. The spotlight is placed on their “patriarch and matriarch,” Phil Robertson and Miss Kay. And right off the bat for the series’ Chapter 3, these two get into it – and it’s as hysterical as fans would expect.

“Is there a phrase that your spouse often uses in the wrong context?” the Dysfunction to Dynasty interviewer asks Phil.

“That’s a good question,” the Duck Dynasty vet smiles after a pause. “She’s like the old Norm Crosby, who made a living as a comedian butchering the English language,” he adds to the hardy laughter of his wife.

“Miss Kay will butcher the English language quickly!” Phil continues tongue-in-cheek.

Without so much as a thought, Phil then breaks into an immediate impression of Miss Kay. The words, which he says came directly from his wife, showcase said butchering to a tee.

‘Duck Dynasty’s Miss Kay had… An Autopsy on her Leg?

“My leg, I mean they said that, you know, they did an autopsy on my leg!” he quotes of Miss Kay as she busts into more laughter.

“And I said, ‘A what?'”

“They said an autopsy on my leg!,” he continues to quote of the giggling Kay. “But they ‘gon treat it with natural glycerin! I think it’s going to be all right…”

“So I said – ‘So your leg is died and now they’re going to blow it off your body!?” the Duck Dynasty star smiles. “And I said… Miss Kay… You’re mispronouncin’ words!”

Sounds like these two storied lovebirds each do their own share of butchering, Phil!

“And that’s what he teases me about every day,” Kay quips back.

“This woman will butcher the English language in a heartbeat,” Robertson reiterates.

“Well it’s funny!” Kay claps back with a huge grin.\

Duck Dynasty fans will want to watch the hysterical-to-revealing full segment from the Chapter 3 of Dysfunction to Dynasty below. Within, the pair dives deep into their troubled (to say the least) past together. The unparalleled access this series has gives Dynasty fans glimpses as far back as the 1970s. In short: any fan of Phil Robertson & Miss Kay won’t want to miss this.

From the 70’s to today, Phil and Kay Robertson went from fighting each other – to fighting for each other and learning to be happy.

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