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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Couldn’t Be Prouder of Her Grandson on a Tractor

(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson is living her best grandma life. With four little ones to spoil, Robertson has whole-heartedly embraced her role with both her biological and non-biological kids. And from the moments that she shares with fans, it’s clear the grandkids are just as happy to be in her company.

Recently, the Duck Dynasty matriarch spent some time outdoors with her second-oldest grandchild, John Shepherd or “Shep,” as she lovingly calls him. Shep is the son of Robertson’s oldest biological child, John Luke. The adorable, curly-haired boy came into the world in October 2019, and every moment since has received endless love from his grandparents.

In Shep’s latest visit with his Duck Dynasty relatives, he sat in the bucket of his grandfather’s tractor wearing a pair of blue rubber boots. Meanwhile, grandpa Willie Robertson, or “Dubs” as his grandkids call him, sat behind the wheel. During the photoshoot, Korie Robertson told Shep to show her his “surprised face,” adding “is there anything cuter than a kid on a tractor with his Dubs.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Grandmother Shares Family Update from Private Ceremony

Of course, as Duck Dynasty fans know, the Robertsons are extremely close, so visits to grandma’s house are not far and few between. Another moment of family bonding occurred when Korie and Willie hosted a friend’s private wedding ceremony at their gorgeous home. During the festivities, the proud grandmother posed with her kids and grandkids.

In the first shot, Robertson smiled beside her adopted daughter, Rebecca, her husband and little Zane. Zane is just a few months older than his cousin Shep, born in January 2019. In the last photo of the family update, the two young boys shared the same look of excitement over the ceremony.

“How cute is that smile,” the Duck Dynasty star wrote in the caption of her post. “It’s wedding season around here! We had the sweetest little private ceremony at our home this week for some dear friends What a beautiful dream! Swipe to see a few details, Willie officiated and cooked a caribou sauce picante for all the guests also don’t miss the last pic to see just how excited Sheppie was about the whole thing.”

In the photos, Shep wore the same pair of blue boots from his tractor adventure. Some eagle-eyed fans didn’t miss this adorable fashion choice, complimenting the young Robertson’s unique taste in footwear.

“Love Shep’s rain boots for the occasion!” one fan wrote.

Thankfully, for the bride and groom, the rain boots didn’t appear to be a precaution. The Duck Dynasty star shared a video tour of the venue with a makeshift altar in front of the water.