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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Shares Sweet Photo With Willie and Sadie for ‘At Home With the Robertsons’

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Korie Robertson said as a mother of three daughters, she worries about how things will affect their body image. The Duck Dynasty mom wonders if pageants play a role in how women see themselves.

So, she invited The Bachelorette Hannah Brown to discuss it on the newest episode of At Home With The Robertsons. Brown grew up in the pageant world. Robertson posted a photo of Brown from her time with the family on Instagram.

“In all the excitement with a new baby in the fam this week, I forgot to tell you the fun news that we have a new episode of #athomewiththerobertsons out on @facebookwatch (you can find it on @realwilliebosshog or my Facebook pages or just click the link in my bio)!!” Robertson wrote. “It was so great to have @hannahbrown with us. We talk about the pageant world that she grew up in, the effect that had on her life, good and bad, and the way comments about our bodies as women can hurt us. @legitsadierob shares some stories that make me want to punch someone.”

Robertson continued, “After talking about this episode with friends I’ve heard stories of things said or done in high school that they have never forgotten, and have had an effect on their body image their whole life. How do we stop that? I think it’s an important conversation for us to have at any age, and particular if you have young girls!”

Robertsons Hold Reverse Pageant In New Episode

To settle the score, Sadie and Korie Robertson make their husbands strut their stuff down the catwalk in the latest episode of At Home With The Robertsons.

Duck Dynasty dad Willie goes first with his muscle suit and swim trunks. The ladies are upset he didn’t go topless, but when they ask him to spin around, he gets their point.

“This whole spin thing is super objectifying,” Willie Robertson says. “I don’t get it. I mean why do you need to see the back, you know? The front should be good enough.”

Sadie’s husband Christian Huff comes out next, and he fully commits to the pageant. Though, it does seem unfair to put him up against Willie.

“I don’t think that’s a body suit,” Korie says of her muscle-bound son-in-law.

It’s an interesting experiment and a seemingly enlightening moment for the men of the family.