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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson To Deliver Eulogy for Dusty Hill of ZZ Top

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson gave the eulogy at the funeral for Dusty Hill, the ZZ Top rocker who died late last month. He was 72 years old.

Robertson explained on the most recent episode of his Unashamed podcast that Hill’s widow asked him to speak at the funeral. They filmed the podcast a day before Phil and Willie Robertson flew to Houston for the ceremony earlier this week.

Phil Robertson and Dusty Hill met only a few times. ZZ Top appeared on the final episode of Duck Dynasty. The band performed their hit song “Sharp Dressed Man,” which was also the show’s theme song.

Robertson recalled a meeting he had with ZZ Top lead singer Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill. They came to visit the Robertsons’ West Monroe, Louisiana, compound. But they had a special request for the trip.

“They wanted to eat some squirrel,” Phil Robertson said. “… I figured they were top of the line, but now I know they are. So, Miss Kay fixed them a big pot of squirrel and dumplings, so we had squirrel and dumplings.”

Aside from being a fan of their palates, Robertson also liked the band’s music.

“They played some great tunes,” Phil Robertson said. “To this day, I love ’em.”

Phil Robertson didn’t go into what he intended to say at the funeral. But he said he planned to remind the guests that Jesus promised everyone eternal life.

“(Hill) has just departed from his body,” Robertson said. “His body is asleep. His soul is alive in good hands with the Lord. … That’s very soothing, in my humble opinion.”

Hill died suddenly on July 28. The family has not released a cause of death. Though, he had several medical issues in the years leading up to his death.

Willie Robertson Recalls Meeting ZZ Top

Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill visited the Robertson clan in season 11 of Duck Dynasty. Willie Robertson remembers meeting the duo and having an instant connection. But he’d been a fan for years. In fact, he told Fox News that the first concert he and his wife, Korie Robertson, went to together was a ZZ Top show.

Willie Robertson remembers seeing them again for the band’s 50th-anniversary show two years ago. That just so happened to be on Dusty Hill’s 70th birthday. Robertson remembers being in awe of how dedicated the band still was after all these years. And Robertson had to give Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons credit for their impeccable beards.

“Our beards bowed down when we got in their presence because they had been running that look way longer than we had, that’s for sure,” Robertson told Fox News.

“When I was with them a couple of years ago, they were heading off to Europe to play for like two months or something. It was crazy. And I was thinking at the time, not a lot of people have their 70th birthday and then take off to Europe to keep working and keep doing what they love to do,” Robertson said. “And it’s just a tribute to him and their lives, their passion, and what they had. They had something good and they kept it together, kept the look, kept everything.”