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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Shares ‘Truly Grateful’ Message with Vacation Pics

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Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson just has a way with words, doesn’t she? That much was evident once again in Robertson’s latest social media post.

There is no doubt about it — Sadie Robertson is a young woman with many talents. She’s an accomplished, actress, dancer, and author. She is also a loving daughter, sister, and as most Duck Dynasty fans know by now, a new mother. The latter of which has given Robertson a whole new perspective on life. She explained on Thursday just how grateful she is for her father, fellow Duck Dynasty star, Willie Robertson.

“Truly grateful,” Robertson wrote in an emotional Instagram post. “My dad sent us a text the day that we left family vacation that basically just rooted us in what life is about,” she explained. “He challenged us to take things we learned, saw, felt, and acted like on this vacation into our daily lives.”

For a family as high-profile as the Robertsons, Willie Robertson makes it his goal to keep his family grounded. And according to Sadie, he always does so at the perfect time. This particular example came just as the Duck Dynasty family was leaving family vacation.

“It is sometimes easy to act one way in a vacation setting and another in a day to day basis when we get stressed, tired, or fearful,” Robertson continued. “He reminded us of our ultimate goal in life and charged us to be intentional about those things daily.”

You can read her entire Instagram post down below:

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Living Life Like Her Parents

If you follow Duck Dynasty as closely as we do, then you know that family is everything to the Robertsons. Sadie’s post on Thursday was just the latest example of how close of a family they really are. Continuing on with Robertson’s post, she says how she can see the “fruit” of parent’s lives in her own little family. Sadie, of course, is married to Christian Huff. The two share a daughter, Honey James, who was born back on May 11.

“It was just the best message, and when I look at my dad’s life he really lives the message that he preaches. I’m so grateful that he teaches us daily in his love and actions. I can see the fruit of my parent’s life in the sweetness of our family.”

Even Sadie’s sister, Rebecca Robertson couldn’t help but agree with her younger sister’s message. She left a comment on the post saying, “Can’t love this more.”

And for those who may not know, Willie and Korie Robertson are parents to six children. Those, of course, are Sadie, John Luke, Will, Rowdy, Bella, and Rebecca.