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Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Takes Fans on a Hilarious Tour of His Man Cave

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

On Thursday night, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson posted a hilarious video where he gave his Instagram followers a tour of his man cave.

Robertson’s sense of humor is on full display as soon as the clip begins. Ironically, he immediately claims he hates social media even though the clip itself is, well, on social media. Additionally, Robertson says he’s not even on Facebook. However, his assistant, Johnny D, amusingly corrects him.

“You just posted [on Facebook],” Johnny D says with a laugh. “You love Facebook, you have 2.7 million followers. How can you say you’re not on it?”

“Alright, so I am on Facebook,” Robertson begrudgingly admits.

The Buck Commander star then starts to show his fans some of the items he keeps in his man cave. Robertson shows off an extremely heavy hammer and a small, wooden model car he bought in Cuba. Next, he breaks out what looks like a scimitar, but he has no idea where he actually got the sword.

“This is cool. I have no idea where I got this from,” Robertson says as he amusingly attempts to unsheathe the sword. “Johnny D, come receive your vasectomy!”

“I already got my vasectomy,” Johnny D responds.

After the duo finishes goofing off, Robertson says the pair have to get back to work. Why does it feel like they aren’t going to get much done? Willie didn’t give much of a tour of his man cave, but it sounds like they’re planning to reveal more of it in the near future. So stay tuned. At a minimum, it’ll be worth the laugh.

Willie Robertson and Crew Join in on the Viral Bernie Sanders Meme

In late January, Willie Robertson kept the laughs rolling with his own humorous take on the Sen. Bernie Sanders Inauguration Day meme. For this particular edited photo, he used the crew of Buck Commander to work Sanders into the scenery.

The guys from Buck Commander joined in on the viral trend of inserting Sanders into random photos. The famous image of the senator wearing mittens, a practical brown coat, and sitting with his legs crossed seemingly alone on Inauguration Day made waves across the internet.

It sparked thousands of photoshopped memes on social media. Add Buck Commander to the list when they edited a picture with six of the hunters high up in their tree stands. Of course, they added Sanders to a tree on the far left as well.

The photoshopped image includes a few other celebrities who are part of the Buck Commander TV show. Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson is front and center. Former MLB players Adam LaRoche, Ryan Langerhans, and Tombo Martin are included in the picture. In addition, so are country stars Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. Evidently another country singer Tyler Farr “didn’t make the cut” for the meme.

“Opening morning on public ground… 😂 #BernieMemes. PS. Sorry @tylerfarr , you didn’t make the cut,” Buck Commander wrote on Instagram.