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Dwayne Johnson Details How He Stays Motivated for His Insane Workouts

(Photo by Vera Anderson/WireImage)

Even actors and former WWE fighters like Dwayne Johnson are tempted to skip a workout every once in a while. But “The Rock” shared his surefire ways for overcoming fatigue and tiredness on his Instagram page.

Johnson shared that several fans ask him how he pushes through on a workout that he’s just not in the mood to do. We’ve all been there, knowing we should hit the gym but just not feeling the energy to go through with it. Apparently, Johnson’s been there too, because he summed it up perfectly at the start of his video.

“Like so many of you guys out there, we are busy, we are on this treadmill of life, there’s no stop button,” Dwayne Johnson says. “We’re going and going and going, we’re tired, we have babies, we have bills to pay, we have school to go to, we have jobs to go to, we have relationships, we have a lot of stuff that just makes us tired throughout the day…”

He continued with, “I’m putting on my workout stuff, I’m tying my shoes, and I’m like, shit, I should just call it a night. No one’s ever going to know, everyone’s asleep, maybe I’ll just pick it up tomorrow.”

But we all know what happens when we follow that train of thought. It becomes too easy to give in the next time, and the time after that, and so on. So, luckily for us, workout king Dwayne Johnson shared two key pieces of advice that motivated him to get off his behind.

Dwayne Johnson’s Two Motivators for Working Out

Dwayne Johnson’s first motivation comes from the time when he didn’t have the privileges and success he does now.

“I try to remember what it was like when I didn’t have much at all; those seven bucks days,” he says. “I try to remember that, and usually that gets my ass in gear. When I think back to the days of having seven bucks, and what it took to get to the position that I’m in now.”

But if that doesn’t work, then Johnson resorts to some psyching up and hyping up. In his caption, the actor said he asks “one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves in this moment.”

“How bad of a m*****f***** do you think you are? How bad do you really think you are?” Johnson says in the video. “And then I’ll have this conversation with myself like I’m crazy, like, alright, it’s up to you. You think you’re a bad m*****f*****? Well go out and prove it.”

Sound like Johnson is his own personal trainer, pushing himself to test his limits. But the actor posted an important text box over his video that seems to sum up workout motivation pretty well.

“Bottom line: Even when no one’s watching, it starts with you… the work starts HERE.”