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Dwayne Johnson Talks ‘Full Circle Moment’ at Super Bowl LVI

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Dwayne Johnson has been a busy man as of late. You already know he’s been hitting the gym every day, but he’s also been shooting back-to-back Netflix sequels. Oh, and his latest endeavor was making a surprise appearance at Super Bowl LVI to serve as the emcee.

You may remember that at one point in his career, Johnson was a division one defensive lineman. That’s right, The Rock played college football for the Hurricanes at the University of Miami. But after suffering a growing list of injuries and not getting the playing time he wanted, Johnson decided to walk away from the game. In doing so, he also gave up his dream of becoming an NFL player.

His past as a football player made his appearance at Sunday’s big game all the more special.

“LFG. What a full circle moment, God & the universe felt to bless me with last night,” Johnson wrote alongside a few Instagram photos. “My @NFL & Super Bowl dreams never materialized and came true. Never got drafted. Never played in an NFL game.”

Dwayne Johnson Served Up a WWE-Style Intro at Super Bowl LVI

Safe to say that everything ended up working out just fine for Dwayne Johnson in the end. Johnson went on to become one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling and subsequently, one of the most famous actors in the entire world. He has more than 297 million followers on Instagram alone. That rank makes him the person with the fifth most followers in the world on the platform.

His superstar status made it a treat to see him at the Super Bowl. It was likely a dream come true to see him for thousands of fans at the game. However, it was Johnson who says that it was his dreams that came true.

“But last night, in a much different way than I could ever imagine — they did come true,” he said. “Thank you to the NFL, the players/coaches of the Rams & Bengals for the amazing love & trust.”

Johnson also thanked all of his fans and followers for their support and their positive energy.

“Most of all — THANK YOU to the 100 MILLION+ FANS for the INSANE POSITIVE ENERGY & MANA you met me with!!!! I felt it all. See ya down the road.”

If you weren’t able to see the video of Johnson passionately introducing both the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, we definitely recommend you do so. Check it out down below, courtesy of the NFL’s official Twitter account.

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