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Dwayne Johnson is Up to ‘Country Stuff’ in New Workout Photo from a Barn

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

On Saturday (October 2nd), Jumanji star Dwayne Johnson (aka the Rock) took to his Instagram account to share a snapshot of him working out from inside a barn.

“Training in the barn. Country stuff. #johnsonfarm #stateoftheunion 🇺🇸 @zoaenergy💥,” Dwayne Johnson captioned the post. 

The latest workout pic comes just days after Dwayne Johnson shared a video of him revealing more details about his tattoos. “An honor for @yomicoart and myself to share our tattoo journey with all of you. And to tattoo artists and tattoo cultures around the world ~ this ones to you 🥃.”

According to his IMDb, Dwayne Johnson is currently filming DC League of Super-Pets. The film follows Superman’s dog, which teams up with a flying cat to stop crime while the Man of Steel is on vacation. Starring alongside Johnson in the film is Keanu Reeves, Natasha Lyonne, and John Krasinski. The flick is slated to hit theaters in May 2022. 

Dwayne Johnson Reveals Lessons He Learned From His Father When He First Started Working Out

During a 2020 interview with Men’s Health, Dwayne Johnson opened up about his workout regimen, including the lessons he learned from his father during his very first workout. “My dad was a workout beast and animal,” Johnson declared. “I would always go to the gym with my dad and watch him on the weekends. But wasn’t allowed to workout.”

Dwayne Johnson further explained that he just watched his father and all his friends at the gym. Finally, at the age of 12, his father allowed him to workout for the first time. “[My dad said], ‘Listen. You’re gonna work your ass off. I don’t want any bull—. Whatever you put on the bar; when we do bench press; you have got to push it up.’”

While also recalling his first day at the gym, Dwayne Johnson said he started out with the barbell and 25-pound plates. No issues. His dad then put an additional five pounds on each side. Johnson decided to add another 10 pounds. Although he barely pushed the weight, Johnson told his father to add 45 pounds. 

When the weight basically buried him and he gave up, Dwayne Johnson’s father told him to not worry about other people looking at him. Obviously, don’t ego train. Don’t ever train for your ego. “It doesn’t matter. Who gives a sh— who’s watching you? You train for results and you train with the weight you can control. That’s how you’re gonna be a master basically in the gym.”

Dwayne Johnson then added that the two lessons he learned were don’t ego train at all and train for results. “And throw on weight that you can handle.”