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Elvis Presley Handwritten Check Shows Exactly How Much The King Paid for a Haircut

(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

What comes to mind when you think of Elvis Presley? There are several possibilities. However, somewhere near the top of the list of things that stand out about The King is his hair.

Elvis Presley saw his hair as his trademark trait. He put time, effort, and plenty of money into maintaining his luxurious locks. He worked hard to make sure his hair was perfect every time he stepped out the door. After all, photographers and fans were everywhere. So, he wanted to be ready if he ran into either of those.

At the same time, Elvis Presley wasn’t afraid to throw money around. Between record sales, touring, and movies, The King had more money than he knew what to do with. Also, he hated trying to haggle prices. So, he would pay whatever was asked for an item. It didn’t matter if it was a sprawling cattle ranch or a haircut, if Elvis wanted something he paid for it without much thought.

This month, Elvis Presley’s estate is using their social media accounts to give fans an in-depth look at The King’s hair. Today, they tweeted a photo of a check that Elvis wrote for a haircut that shows just how much he was willing to pay to tame his iconic mane.

Elvis Presley Spent a Crazy Amount for a Haircut

In the photo, we can see that Elvis Presley paid a hundred dollars for a haircut. To most guys, that’s an insane amount. However, if you look at the rate of inflation it gets even crazier. The check in the photo was written in 1961. In today’s money that’s around $874 and some change. That’s right. In modern money, The King dropped almost nine hundred bucks for a haircut.

Interestingly, this check isn’t written out to Elvis Presley’s regular hairstylist. It’s hard to read whose name is on the check. However, it definitely isn’t Larry Geller. Geller cut and colored The King’s hair for years. In fact, he is the one who developed the mixture of dyes to get Elvis the perfect shade of black for his preeminent pompadour.

In fact, Larry Geller would stay on-set when Elvis Presley was working on a film. Between scenes, Geller would touch up The King’s hair to make sure he always looked his best when the cameras started rolling again.

Whoever that check is made out to, you can bet your bottom dollar that they were incredibly talented. Elvis Presley wouldn’t trust his trademark tresses to just anybody.