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Elvis Presley: Take a Peek Inside The King’s 1957 Wallet

Photo by: Zak Hussein/Corbis via Getty Images

Even the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll needed to carry around some identification and a credit card. However, it does seem rather unlikely that someone would need to look at an ID to know who Elvis Presley was back in the ’50s.

The Graceland YouTube channel often posts videos “Inside The Archives” of Presley’s estate at Graceland. Whether it’s talking about rooms in the mansion or some of the King’s possessions, it’s clear there’s a lot left of Presley to see.

Elvis Presley’s Wallet and Jewelry

A video from April 2020 shows Elvis fans his classic 16 karat ring with the letters “TCB” on it. That stands for “taking care of business in a flash.” It has black onyx in the back with a diamond in the middle and diamond lightning bolts on the side.

Besides that, an old pair of Presley’s reading glasses also are in the archives. They are in the classic aviator style that Elvis Presley was infamous for wearing. Lastly, an old 1957 leather wallet that belonged to him is also stashed away with his jewelry.

The wallet has a Bell System credit card, a cartoon card, a Sherwood Civic Club card, a Screen Actor Guild card, and a Deputy County card.

There is also a Detective Sargeant and Detective Association honorary member card that was given to Elvis as well. There doesn’t appear to be a normal form of identification in that specific wallet.

From iconic glasses and sunglasses to extravagant necklaces and rings to his widely-known jumpsuits, Elvis Presley had created a famous and memorable fashion image during the height of his popularity.

Even Presley’s Graceland home showed just how unique his eye for fashion and design was. There was one room, in particular, that was inspired by his love for Hawaii and was deemed the “Jungle Room” later on. It was adorned with green carpet, wild plants, and an artificial waterfall.

The King and His Infamous Designer

Besides interior design, Presley became a pop culture icon in large part for his slicked-back hair and bold wardrobe choices. Who was it that helped dress Presley for success?

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bill Belew was known as the “man who dressed the King.” Notably, Belew created the iconic look that Presley sported during his life-changing career moment of the comeback TV special in 1968. Belew created that white two-piece suit and the gold jacket as well as the all-black leather outfit he wore.

This was his first public dressing of Presley. However, Belew continued to help create the iconic jumpsuits, capes, belts, and other extravagant clothing items Elvis was known for wearing while performing. “As a wardrobe designer. Bob Mackie had a perfect muse and a perfect canvas in Cher. I got to have that in Elvis,” Belew once said in an interview in 2007.

Belew also designed for Brooke Shields, Gloria Estefan, Ella Fitzgerald, and Josephine Baker. However, none were quite as iconic as Presley’s look. His work alongside Elvis is his lasting legacy as a costume designer. He helped to create and distinguish the uniqueness of rock ‘n’ roll fashion. It was just as the genre was going through a makeover.

Many of Presley’s jumpsuits are now on display at Graceland or have been sold at auctions for exceptionally high prices.