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Elvis Presley ‘Viva Las Vegas’ Co-Star Ann-Margret Said the King Had a ‘Great Sense of Humor’: Here’s Why

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There is no denying that Elvis Presley was an icon. In fact, he reached that status early on in his career. As a result, he still has millions of fans around the world. Even the most casual Elvis fans know a few things about the King. Even those who aren’t familiar with anything else can recognize his voice within seconds. However, that’s just scratching the surface. Others know about his fashion sense or his military service. Those who are a little more invested know that Presley had a string of beautiful women before and after Priscilla. Some fans even know that he had an affair with Swedish-born actress Ann-Margret after he met his future wife.

Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret starred together in Viva Las Vegas. While on the set of the film, the two became close. The King constantly flirted with his co-star while they were working together. Their friendship turned into a passionate love affair. That affair lasted for about a year. However, when the press falsely reported that the couple was engaged, he broke it off. At the time, he was already with Priscilla. However, they weren’t married yet. But, he couldn’t have the rumors ruining his relationship with her.

Ann-Margret is still alive and well. Recently, the 80-year-old actress sat down with Page Six. During that interview, she talked a little about working with Elvis Presley and his sense of humor.

Ann-Margret on Elvis Presley’s Sense of Humor

Elvis Presley was a prankster. He often pulled extreme practical jokes on his guests at Graceland. If you go back and watch his 1956 appearance on the Steve Allen Show, you can see his sense of humor shine through. He cracks up laughing while singing “Hound Dog,” to a basset hound in a top hat. So, some Elvis fans are aware that the King had a great sense of humor.

Ann-Margret confirmed that in her interview with Page Six. The Swedish-American actress told the publication that Elvis Presley was “very funny.” She went on to elaborate. “He had a great sense of humor,” said Presley’s Viva Las Vegas co-star. About their time on the set together, she said, “He would tease me but I teased him back.” Ann-Margret added that she and Presley, “had a lot of laughs,” together both on and off the set.

It is always nice to hear things straight from someone who knew Elvis Presley. Today, they are the best source of information about the King and his personality and habits. You can visit Graceland and see all of his artifacts or spin all of his records. However, the best way to learn more about the man behind the legend is to hear it from those who were close to him.