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Elvis Presley’s Long-Time Girlfriend Linda Thompson Once Opened Up on Why the King Was ‘So Generous’

(Photo Credit: Tom Wargacki/ Getty Images)

Elvis Presley was known by many for his very generous behavior, but longtime girlfriend Linda Thompson once revealed why this was.

The King is remembered for his lavish gifts and overly generous surprises. But his longtime girlfriend, Linda Thompson, once opened up about why Elvis Presley gave so many expensive gifts away.

Linda Thompson, a songwriter, former actress as well as beauty pageant queen, recently posted a forgotten interview from the set of Hee Haw, highlighting Elvis Presley’s giving nature.

“It almost got to be second nature with him. You know? It was just a facet of his character. Like drinking a lot of water, you know? That was just part of his nature. And it was really astounding if you just sat back and pondered for a few moments about the extent of his generosity.”

Thompson recounts a story that Elvis Presley told her of how he came to be so charitable at a young age. He credits his Christian upbringing.

“He told me this story,” starts Thompson. “I think it’s really a sweet little story. When he was nine years old, he said that he got saved, in the Christan sense. They were very, very poor in Tupelo, Mississippi. Elvis’s family said he was dirt poor. And suddenly, he was just filled with this wonderful spirit, and all he had in the world were comic books, so he took all his comic books, and he ran out into the street and started giving his comic books away to all the neighbors. I thought, what a really sweet story because that generosity never stopped. That spirit of giving stayed with him throughout his life.”

What is it Like to Date Elvis Presley?

Linda Thompson, who was 15 years younger than her superstar boyfriend, Elvis Presley, says that he was just as giving in their relationship as he was to everyone else. Money was no object when it came to their dates.

“Dates with Elvis consisted of riding golf carts around Graceland or riding motorcycles or three-wheelers, or going to movies that he rented out. He would rent an entire theatre out and show movies all night. And he enjoyed going roller skating occasionally, he would rent the fairgrounds out, and we would ride the roller coaster 15 times in a row.“

Gosh, talk about setting the bar high.

Elvis Presley also donated nearly $100,000 one Christmas to various charities. Furthermore, Presley gave his chef a house and hundreds of cars away as gifts.