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Elvis Presley’s Makeup Team Made One Special Request of the King While Filming ‘Fun In Acapulco’

(Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Hollywood legend has it that Elvis Presley made an interesting request while filming “Fun In Acapulco.” And it had everything to do with his trademark debonair looks.

By all accounts, Elvis Presley was a fun-loving, charismatic presence on all his film sets. But when you’re The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, you get to make requests. Big or small.

When Elvis’ music and film careers took off, the icon began working on what would become his signature look. His fans know him as tall, dark, and handsome. The “dark” of that equation, however, was entirely of his own making. In fact, Elvis’ true hair color isn’t the jet black we all associate him with. His true hair color? Sandy blonde. The King embraced his roots for his stint in the U.S. Army, too, as the Elvis Presley Estate cites:

Once he was back home and TCB (Takin’ Care of Business, of course), Elvis returned to dying his hair black. And as Hollywood legend has it, he would make sure his “favorite hair dye” was on-hand for every movie he made.

According to his estate, however, this isn’t the case. At least, not for “Fun In Acapulco.”

Elvis Presley’s Signature Look in ‘Fun In Acapulco’

Instead, the makeup department of the movie musical, which hit in 1963, actually had a request for Elvis. The request? That he bring his “favorite hair dye!”

And so he did. “Fun In Acapulco,” which was the 13th of Elvis Presley’s 31 Hollywood films, featured the King with his signature jet-black pompadour, as was to be expected. His estate clarifies this with a Wednesday tweet with a revealing factoid:

“What did the makeup department on ‘Fun In Acapulco’ request that Elvis bring with him to set?” his estate asks.

“His favorite hair dye!” Mystery solved:

Regardless, “Fun In Acapulco” would prove a smash hit, becoming the top-grossing movie musical of 1963. The success of the film would see Elvis Presley star in not one, but three motion pictures the following year.

1964 saw the release of Elvis’ “Kissin’ Cousins” (what a title), “Rustabout,” and one of his most popular ever: “Viva Las Vegas.”

The King would continue starring in Hollywood films up until 1969. And of course, his hair would be jet-black for every single one. His last, the aptly named “Change of Habit,” co-starred Mary Tyler Moore, and marked the end of an era.

From 1969 on, Elvis Presley would focus on his music career over film. “Change of Habit”s director, William A. Graham, though, would say in an interview years later that Elvis Presley was the nicest man he had ever met.