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Frank Caliendo’s Best Impressions: From John Madden to George Bush

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

You can’t think about the early 2000s without talking about Frank Caliendo and his endless impressions from sports to politics. He can switch in and out from John Madden to George Bush and so many more.

Over the years, Caliendo became known for his sports impressions. He was featured on Fox NFL Sunday all the time. ESPN had him on to do impressions for years. He has won over the hearts and laughs of so many people over the years, so let’s talk about some of his best impressions. If you were a regular fan of Mike & Mike then many of these will be a great reminder.

Marty Smith and Wes Blakenship caught up with Frank in this week’s episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. Listen here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Top-10 Frank Caliendo Impressions

10) Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. just might be the biggest and most boisterous voice in all of sports media. There are those that love him, those that hate him, and those that really hate him it seems. However, his rants and hot takes over the years have created a great persona. Frank Caliendo got this impression just right and even performed it in front of the man himself one time.

9) Jeff Goldblum

One of America’s most beloved actors, Goldblum is known for his sporadic and sometimes puzzling way of speaking. He seems to just bounce from one idea to another, no one knows where it will end. Listen to this impression of Caliendo being Goldblum, talking about hot dogs.

8) Dr. Phil

The good Dr. Phil has been a fixture on daytime television for years. Of course, Caliendo has an impression. He even dressed up as Dr. Phil for his TBS sketch show back in the day. It was gold!

7) Jay Leno

While he spent years on the late-night talk show circuit, the comedian also had a great Jay Leno impression. The hair, the prosthetic chin, it’s all there and it’s perfect. His ability to capture the mannerisms of anyone from anywhere, it’s what’s made him so famous for so long.

6) Robert De Niro

This is a Frank Caliendo impression classic. De Niro is one of his go-to impressions and just barely misses our top-5 here. But, it has a good argument to be there. Here’s Frank playing De Niro playing Frankenstein’s monster.


5) Robin Williams

Now, here’s one that’s really interesting. A great impression of a great impressionist. Williams was a comedy giant. It’s so nice to see this impression and think about the late actor. Caliendo, yet again, doesn’t miss a beat.

4) Morgan Freeman

This is another one that is a classic Caliendo impression. He can go in and out of his Freeman voice without thinking. He has done it hundreds of times and it never gets old.

3) Jon Gruden

One of his best sports impressions. There’s something about the name Jon/John that makes for a great Caliendo impression. But we’ll talk about that in a bit. Gruden is a classic, and Gruden vs. Gruden should be studied in universities.

2) George Bush

Now, these top-2 impressions are the ones that everyone remembers. Frank Caliendo made a big splash in the early 2000s with his President Bush impression. So, check out the video below and see it for yourself.

1)John Madden

Of course, you can’t talk about Frank Caliendo’s impressions without mentioning John Madden. The late NFL legend was never insulted by the jokes that the comedian made. Everything was in innocent fun, and Madden knew he was a bit of a funny character. Enjoy the epitome of Caliendo below.

So, what are your favorite Calidendo impressions that didn’t make this list? There are just so many, a top-10 could change pretty easily.