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‘Frasier’ Actor Kelsey Grammer Sends Heartfelt Message to KISS Rocker Paul Stanley on ‘The Talk’

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A friendship between the star of “Frasier” and a member of one of the most audaciously attired rock bands in history seems unlikely. However, according to what they shared with one another on a recent episode of “The Talk,” the two stars are actually very friendly.

The star of “Frasier,” of course, is Kelsey Grammer. The rock star in question is Paul Stanley, of KISS. The two were guests on the popular CBS daytime talk show when they shared details about their friendship.

“I want to talk to Paul for a second,” Grammer said via video link. “Paul and I and our wives had dinner several years ago, you know back in New York City.”

It was a dinner they enjoyed, Grammer said.

“It started off what felt like the beginning of a great friendship,” the “Frasier” star also said. “We went to that birthday party at the SoHo House.”

Paul Stanley chimed in and said the birthday party Grammer referenced was for his 60th birthday.

“Yes, exactly,” Grammer responded before sharing a heartfelt message with the rock star. “I just wanted to tell you, we had a couple things go on that made us kind of get under the covers, you know, for awhile. We got rid of our emails and all sorts of stuff. When we decided to come up for air a few years later, I guess we sort of lost you in the mix.”

This is something Kelsey Grammer said he wished had not happened.

“I feel really bad about it, because we love you,” he told Paul Stanley. “I think you’re great and I hope (your wife) Erin is doing well.”

Rock Star Paul Stanley Responds to ‘Frasier’ Star Kelsey Grammer’s Kind Words

It appeared that “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer’s kind words moved rock star Paul Stanley.

“Kelsey, you’re awesome,” Stanley said. “You’re on of those people that I really felt sad to lose contact with.”

“Me too,” the star of “Frasier” then said. “I’ll get in touch.”

With their episode of “The Talk” airing just before Father’s Day 2021, Kelsey Grammer and KISS star Paul Stanley also talked about fatherhood. Here’s an interesting tidbit about the “Frasier” star – he is the father of seven children. The oldest of the 66-year-old’s children is 38 years old.

Stanley then asked Grammer about his most memorable Father’s Day gifts.

“I gotta ask you though, with seven kids – Father’s Day gifts, what’s the most memorable present you’ve gotten over all these years?” the KISS star asked. “Seven kids!”

“You know, honestly I mean, I don’t know if I actually remember any of them,” Grammer said with a laugh. “I mean, it’s usually a mug or something or a ceramic of some sort. But, the gifts I get from my kids, honestly I don’t even celebrate Father’s Day because – you know it’s a nice moment in our lives – I am so happy about my children. …”

Before his exchange with Paul Stanley, the star of “Frasier” referred to fatherhood as “the most wonderful experience” of his life.”