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‘Gold Rush’ Set To Add New Beets Family Member To Show Next Week

(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Ever feel like you just can’t get enough of the Beets family on Gold Rush? Well, we have great news for you – next week, we’ll get to meet another relative of the famed family, Michael Beets.

As die-hard Dutchman fans know, the Beets already have one Mike in their family, Tony and Minnie’s 31-year-old son. This Mike Beets (who we’ll call Big Mike), however, is a bit older. In fact, he’s Tony’s uncle, making Little Mike his great-nephew. Confusing yet? Well, the good news is that the intertwinings of the Gold Rush family tree don’t matter much when you’re digging through permafrost to get to the gold. As far as mine boss Tony is concerned, Big Mike is just another employee at the operation. Hopefully, the new crew member will earn his keep like the rest of them.

Unlike the rest of the Beets family, Big Mike doesn’t have much experience in a dozer or rock truck. Rather, he comes from an agricultural background. Had he been on Rick Ness or Parker Schnabel’s team, Big Mike probably would have received a good bit of training before operating the half-million-dollar machinery. And even then Gold Rush crew members have made catastrophic (and nearly fatal) mistakes on their first day. But, with little time to spare, Tony strapped his uncle into the driver seat of his trusty D10 dozer and told him to let ‘er rip.

Luckily, though, the Beets family isn’t quite as dysfunctional as the Hoffman family on Gold Rush. Even Todd Hoffman, himself, has admitted that when his family hits the mine site, it’s like a “drunk family reunion with bears.”

Besides a bit more money in the swear jar, it’s likely we won’t see too much of a difference in dynamic among the Beets family members.

‘Gold Rush’ Family Gives Tour of Their Home

As we get to know more members of the Beets family, Gold Rush stars Tony and Minnie graciously gave fans a tour of their home in Klondike. After emigrating from the Netherlands, the couple settled in their current home which they’ve owned for more than 30 years. Of course, the Beets family only occupies this house when they aren’t out at the mine sites. For five months out of the year, the couple instead lives out of a camper that travels to the basecamp of the current land claim. From November to March, they get to enjoy central heating and cable.

Not surprisingly, the room that gets the most use out of the house is the one with the couch and the television. According to Minnie and Tony, the Gold Rush entrepreneur comes home at around 9 p.m., hits the sofa, turns on some crime show and konks out.

Despite their millions earned over the years from their mining exploits, clearly, the Beets don’t need much to live in luxury.