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‘Gold Rush’ Star Brennan Ruault Shows Off His Custom Chevy ‘Looking Badass’

(Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

Gold Rush star Brennan Ruault is officially in love with his custom truck. And who could blame him?

Recently, Ruault added new tires to his ride from Custom Off Sets, and clearly, he’s proud of the result. On Instagram, the Gold Rush star showed off the latest addition to his ride as well as his merchandise from the shop.

“All about @customoffsets @customoffsetsdaily check them out and get your vehicle looking badass!
#bigwheels #liftedtrucks #gobigorgohome #customoffsets #chevy #fuelwheels #toyotires,” Ruault wrote.

The Gold Rush star’s truck sat on a bed of ice as he posed in front of it. But, of course, with all the new custom parts he added, both Ruault and his Chevy are ready for just about any type of weather they can find.

Brennan Ruault Shows Off All Angles of His Truck

Not surprisingly, this wasn’t the only shot that Ruault has taken of his truck recently. Earlier last week, the Gold Rush star posted another angle of his ride as he prepared to go sledding with some buddies.

“What an epic day of riding @bushbasecamp,” Ruault wrote. “Most perfect blue bird day. My sled blew up 1 km up the trail so I went back to town and came back with a brand new turbo 850 free ride. Thanks Jesse! Can’t wait to go back.”

And let’s not forget the rad close-up of his grill.

“Aweee yeahhhh boooiii new 35 toyos look a bit better but yes the 37s will reign supreme!” the Gold Rush star wrote.

‘Gold Rush’ Mine Boss Explains Why He Prefers to Hire Amateurs

While Brennan Ruault is no rookie on the Gold Rush set, he often works with others who have little experience with mining, let alone operating monstrous machinery and vehicles. However, this is the choice that his boss, Rick Ness, made when he became the head honcho of the operation.

According to Ness, he prefers to hire good friends with little knowledge of the trade rather than strangers with decades of experience.

“At the end of the day, I could’ve built a crew of people that knew what they were doing — probably would’ve been a smart decision on my half — but, I didn’t want to share that with strangers,” the Gold Rush boss shared in a past interview. “I wanted to bring my friends with me, you know? Was it the right decision? Well, we’ll see.”

At the time, it seemed like a risky choice. But with Ness’ success and his team’s loyalty, it actually proved to be a pretty smart decision.