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Gwen Stefani Opens Up About Her Songwriting Insecurities

(Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Even celebrities find insecurities in certain aspects of themselves, just like we all do. Gwen Stefani is no different.

While visiting The Kelly Clarkson Show, Gwen opens up about certain aspects of herself and her musical creations she feels insecure about, with the biggest one of those being her songwriting abilities.

Gwen Stefani Returns Back to Her Original Genre

Her genre of music has changed from working with fiancee Blake Shelton on hit No. 1 holiday and country tunes to returning back to her pop/punk attitude with her new single “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.”

Kelly asks how it feels to change from country music back to the genre Stefani started with.

“The biggest stuff I have ever done was through collaborations with other people,” Gwen says. “Them being inspired by me, and me being inspired by them, and me being inspired by that moment, so we wrote that song.”

“I think that song came midway through writing,” she explains about working through her new single. “It came after a series of writing with different writers.”

She says she was able to pause and be there in that moment in the music.

Speaking of Her New Music and Album

“Now I have a record coming. I don’t even know how,” she adds. “It just feels magical. Like suddenly it starts working again with “Let me Reintroduce Myself.”

“Since you’ve been doing country stuff again, did you feel like, ‘Wait a minute? I love this stuff again?'” asks Kelly about Stefani’s switch to her previous genre.

“It was kind of like downloading my insecurities of writing, which generally seems to be a theme in all my records,” Gwen Stefani admits.

“I never write when I’m happy, and when I do it sucks,” says Kelly as she opens up to Gwen. “When I write and I’m happy, it doesn’t work out. So this year it should be great.” She laughs.

Feelings on the 25th Anniversary of ‘Tragic Kingdom’

Clarkson asked about the 25th anniversary of Stefani’s album Tragic Kingdom release. Gwen says, “I feel like when I would sing those songs, they bring me back to the moment when I’m singing them.”

“The one song that feels different than I thought it would feel at this point in my life now is “Just a Girl.”

“Because that song was written so innocently and so long ago before I knew anyone would even hear it,” she explains. “I was living with my parents at 25 years old, but the lyrics to that song are more relevant now. I thought I’d grow up and be a woman and not sing those lyrics but they seem more relevant than they ever have.”