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‘Happy Days’ Star Don Most Revealed How Cast’s Hard Work Made it Look Like Cast was ‘Goofing Off’

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In 2017, Happy Days star Don Most opened up about how the cast of the hit show’s hard work made things look easier than they appeared.

Most played character Ralph Malph on the classic 70’s and 80’s television show. From 1974 to 1984, Happy Days was one of the most popular shows on TV. Ralph Malph was one of Richie Cunningham’s (Ron Howard) three best friends who collectively made up the core of the show’s cast. In addition to the pair, Potsie (Anson Williams) and fan-favorite greaser Fonzie (Henry Winkler) rounded out the group.

While speaking to The Boise Beat four years ago, Most spoke about his career at length. He talked about his work as a director and his musical career. In addition, he of course spoke about his time on Happy Days. During one segment of his conversation, Most touched on how easy the cast made things look. So much so that many thought the crew and cast simply goofed off throughout filming, but that wasn’t the case.

“There are so many individual sort of anecdotal stories that it’s hard to pick one,” the Happy Days star explained. “What does come to mind to me is just the wonderful working relationship we all had. The respect that we had for each other, the commitment, because we took the work seriously.”

“It looked like at the time like a bunch of people just goofing off having a good time. But there were a lot of talented people working hard to make it look easy,” he added.

“We had a wonderful director, Jerry Paris, a genius director, Garry Marshall being our executive producer. So having those people as our mentors guiding us. And then the talent the cast had, the chemistry and the way we all got along on a personal level. That’s what I remember, what really stands out for me is the collaborative process and how fervent it was,” Most concluded.

‘Happy Days’ Star Don Most Admitted the Cast Didn’t Mesh Right Away

In a separate interview, Don Most shared details about how the sitcom’s cast didn’t mesh right away like fans may have assumed. The Happy Days actor revealed further details about the cast when speaking with FOX News in December 2020.

Although the cast seemed perfectly matched on-screen, Most admitted it took them a while to build chemistry with one another. While the cast is like a family these days, it didn’t happen overnight. Happy Days fans will be glad to know the majority of the actors have stayed close through the years. However, Most also shared that their friendships took some time to develop.

“It’s excellent. We’ve always been like a family,” Most said to FOX News. “Sure not during the first couple of days of shooting *laughs*, it did take a little bit of time to develop that kind of relationship. But it developed rather quickly. We became incredibly close and experienced so many things together as a family off-camera, as well as while filming.”

The Ralph Malph star revealed how frequently he gets together with the main characters of the show. The four friends on the classic sitcom still keep up with one another to this very day.

“Anson Williams, who played Potsie, we’re best friends and probably tighter now than we ever were. We talk to each other at least several times as well,” he added. “I spoke to Henry recently and Marion (Ross) too. Ron is probably the toughest to get a hold on, but we still stay very much in touch, probably more through email. And whenever he’s in town, we’ll catch up over lunch. It really does feel like a family.”