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‘Happy Days’: Ralph Malph Actor Don Most Emotionally Detailed Why He Was ‘Shocked’ After Erin Moran’s Death

(Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Happy Days actor Don Most has a lot of fond memories of playing Ralph Malph. A lot of those memories are from his time spent with actress Erin Moran on set. She played Joanie Cunningham on the hit series. Moran passed away in 2017.

Most shared an incredibly touching account of his late Happy Days Co-Star in a 2020 Interview.

“Oh boy… the one thing that immediately popped into my head just now… I’m having a vision of her when she was 13. She had this incredible light in her, even at such a young age. She had this vibrancy that illuminated within her and such a sweetness. And she was such a talent on set. Somehow she combined all of that together,” Most said of his time spent with Moran.

Moran landed the role of Joanie at only 13 years old. She also starred in the Happy Days spinoff, Joanie Loves Chachi.

Most and Other Members From ‘Happy Days’ Have Paid Tribute to Moran

Most also recounted the last time he saw her. Some of the Happy Days cast stayed in touch after their time on the show.

“I saw her probably about a year before she passed. I remember those conversations about our time working together very well. You still felt that light in her. She hadn’t been diagnosed yet with anything. I found out about six months later that she was sick. But I truly didn’t get a sense that it was that far gone. So when we got the news that she passed I was shocked. But I still remember her — we all do,” he recounted.

After her passing, Potsie actor Anson Williams also spoke about Moran. “She always gave before she took, she was a very kind, generous person,” Williams told People. Williams also expressed shock at the news of her passing, also saying he had no idea just how bad her throat cancer became.

Williams was a part of a small group of people, of which some members of the Happy Days cast were included, who knew about her cancer while she was battling it. The group obviously kept quiet out of respect for her. Now, the rest of the cast remains close.

Most described in that 2020 interview that the cast is still “like family.” According to Most, the whole cast experienced a lot together behind the scenes, helping each other through difficult moments and big life transitions. Most is particularly close with Anson Williams, who he apparently talks with all the time.

Happy Days aired decades ago, but it still holds a core place in TV history. The work of Moran, Williams, Most, and everyone else on the cast truly did make the show one of a kind.