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‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Wishes Fans a ‘Good Morning’ with Jaw-Dropping Nature Snap

(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Henry Winkler has been living his best life recently. We’ve seen him doing everything from fishing to raising awareness for conservation. And while the “Happy Days” star likely has no interest in giving up his favorite spots, he’s happy posting gorgeous nature photos that consistently make us jealous. It must be nice, Mr. Winkler.

The man had the audacity to drop a casual “good morning” on us from one of the most peaceful-looking places on Earth.

The “Happy Days” star obviously means well. But it’s safe to say that we Outsiders would drop what we were doing in a second for the chance to jump into this stunning frame. And since that technology is probably a few thousand years away, we’re left imagining how nice being Henry Winkler must feel.

We would love some extra context for the photo. But knowing what we know about the “Happy Days” icon, there’s a decent chance he was fly fishing at the time of this picture’s taking. Oh, what we would give for an hour in those shoes- correction… wading boots.

The ‘Happy Days’ Star is an Outdoorsman Through and Through

In 2011, Henry Winkler published a New York Times bestselling book titled, “I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River.” In it, he shares countless stories of the time he’s spent fly fishing.

Apparently, he picked up the hobby in the 1980s after a friend showed him the ropes. These days, he’s what you would call proficient at the sport.

“I have been known to catch sixty trout in one day. I always catch and release and don’t even eat Trout, I think they are so majestic,” Winkler said in a 2018 Forbes interview. “They are beautiful and so much fun, and they give me such joy to catch them that it is my pleasure to take a picture with them, give them a kiss, sign a laminated autographed picture and put it in their mouth.”

That’s a lot of trout. Luckily for the ones who cross the “Happy Days” star’s path, they don’t have too much to worry about. Well, aside from being forced into a photo with Henry Winkler, that is. That’s definitely not the worst result from their perspective, all things considered.

What’s funny is that you’d think with a philosophy like that of Winkler’s, it’d be hard to take issue with the angler’s fish photos. But back in May, the “Happy Days” star found himself in hot water with animal rights activists.

Winkler posted a routine photo of an impressive catch.

The photo was met with a decent amount of backlash, however. Ever the people pleaser, Winkler responded by assuring folks that he returned the fish to the river.