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Has ‘Chicago Fire’ Ever Done a Valentine’s Day Episode?

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s cool to wonder if Chicago Fire has ever done a show which has that as a theme for it.

It is possible because there are a lot of moments where love does come up. We’ll get some insights about this thanks to some help from One Chicago Center.

Love has run a deep, long chasm throughout the history of Chicago Fire. This show also happens to be the one that has been on the longest in the franchise on NBC.

‘Chicago Fire’ Has A Number of Love Stories Currently Running Through It

Right now, Firehouse 51 has some love stories involving Violet, played by Hanako Greensmith; Brett, played by Kara Killmer; and Kidd, played by Miranda Rae Mayo. Yet the show does have a history of some romantic episodes in the past.

Is there an episode for Valentine’s Day on Chicago Fire? Well, yeah, kind of. Back in Season 5, there was Trading In Scuttlebutt, which did hit airwaves close to Valentine’s Day. It was about Severide, played by Taylor Kinney, who was pursuing Anna, played by Charlotte Sullivan.

This episode finds Severide realizing things will not work out between the. So it all ends on a sad note for that one.

Severide, Kidd Have A Few Moments But It’s Really Not Lovey-Dovey Much

On Chicago Fire, this episode finds Severide and Kidd having some exchanges. But it is simply about stuff as Severide wants some advice. These two eventually fall in love and get engaged. This does add a bit of romanticism that wasn’t there.

We now go to Season 7 and the one titled It Wasn’t About Hockey. This one takes place around Valentine’s Day. Yet the thing that happens is Brett works to stay far away from the romance and glitz around the holiday. She goes home to Indiana with Kidd and Emily Foster, played by Annie Ilonzeh All three end up helping a crashed school bus.

What other Valentine’s Day related things did happen? Back in Season 4, an episode had Gabby Dawson, played by Monica Raymund, pick up a sexy gift for Casey, played by Jesse Spencer. This day just happens to be a backdrop for romantic subplots.

Most romantic moments in Chicago Fire take place at interesting times. For instance, a Season 2 episode titled Rhymes with Stout has Dawson and Casey kissing for the first time. This show simply finds itself as part of the Dick Wolf franchise universe. The One Chicago shows takeup a Wednesday night on NBC. This February, though, sees them going on hiatus for the Winter Olympics. The show returns after the Beijing Games and will air some original episodes.