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‘Hee Haw’ Star Linda Thompson Celebrates 71st Birthday: Relive the ‘Farmer’s Daughter’ Best Moments

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Linda Thompson, who made a name for herself on “Hee Haw” as the “Farmer’s Daughter,” celebrates her 71st birthday on Sunday.

Thompson appeared with country comedian Kenny Price as “Paw” in numerous comedic segments beginning in 1977. She started her career back in 1972 by winning the Miss Tennessee USA competition.

On “Hee Haw,” Thompson was among a collection of women known as the “Hee Haw Honeys” according to the show’s website.

‘Hee Haw’ Star Was Longtime Girlfriend Of Elvis Presley

She’s also had her name in the public realm, too, as a longtime girlfriend of Elvis Presley. Thompson’s brother Sam was a bodyguard for Presley at the time.

Thompson and Presley broke up in 1976 yet remained friends until Presley’s death on Aug. 16, 1977.

In this interview from 1980, Thompson talks about her time with Presley.

Linda Thompson also was married at one time to Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner). With Jenner, Thompson had two children, Brandon and Brody.

The “Hee Haw” star also was married to composer and record producer David Foster.

With Foster, she wrote “I Have Nothing” for the Kevin Costner-Whitney Houston movie “The Bodyguard.” The song received an Academy Award nomination. They did receive an Emmy Award in 2002 for their song “Aren’t They All Our Children” for “The Concert for World Children’s Day.”

Linda Thompson was born on May 23, 1950, in Memphis, Tenn.

Thompson Sings Duet With Presley During Their Time Together In 1973

When Linda Thompson and Elvis Presley were together before her “Hee Haw” time began, they recorded a duet.

The song is titled “Your Life Has Just Begun” and, as you can hear below, both Presley and Thompson harmonize in this rarely-heard recording.

Now the title itself is interesting because the couple, when they recorded the song, had just been together for a year. They would eventually break up in 1976 because Thompson reportedly wanted a normal life. Presley, though, never had a normal life due to his celebrity status. A year later, she started appearing on “Hee Haw” in her role.

One year later, Elvis Presley would die. That makes the song’s title rather bittersweet in itself. Here’s the duet from the couple singing “Your Life Has Just Begun.”

Reportedly, Thompson is living these days in Malibu, Calif.

Outsider wishes a very happy birthday to “Hee Haw” star and successful songwriter Linda Thompson.