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Here’s Clint Eastwood’s Advice to Anyone Who Ever Plays Him in a Movie

(Photo by E. Charbonneau/WireImage for LIONSGATE)

With how much Clint Eastwood has contributed to the film industry, it’s only a matter of time before some brave director comes out with the biopic. As difficult as it would be to capture every great moment in the actor/director/creator’s life, it would be even more of a challenge to portray him. His stoic attitude and tough-guy demeanor are near impossible to replicate perfectly. It’s not how he says his lines – rather, it’s how he presents himself on screen and conveys the character through his facial and body expressions. If anyone has a fighting chance at portraying Clint Eastwood in the future, it would have to be someone that lived with him for years.

Enter Scott Eastwood, the director’s son born out of wedlock with Jacelyn Reeves.

In a 2016 interview, Scott and Clint Eastwood sat down together to talk about their careers on-screen as well as their relationship off-screen. The father-son duo was exactly as fans would expect, witty and brilliant while also sincere and humble. Scott spoke to how he would portray his father in a film, should he ever get the chance to play that role.

 “Well, I wouldn’t have to speak that much,” Scott told Esquire, as both father and son chuckled.

“See how much you can do with so little,” Clint Eastwood added.

“Yeah, right—go through the script and cut all your lines,” Scott said.

“Keep your eyes open and your big mouth shut,” the director jokingly told his son.

Clint Eastwood and Son Discuss Scott’s Upbringing

For much of his childhood, Scott lived with his mother in Hawaii. Then, once he hit his high school years, he joined Clint Eastwood in California. Despite the 56-year age difference, the two have grown especially close within the past decade. Scott has worked with his father on his movie, Invictus, as flyhalf and goal kicker Joel Stransky. In their time together, the 35-year-old actor has learned a lot about his father. He described Clint Eastwood as “old school,” a fact fans wouldn’t find all that surprising.

“My father’s definitely old-school,” Scott shared. “And he raised me with integrity—to be places on time, show up, and work hard.”

Meanwhile, Clint Eastwood credited his son’s genuine, good nature to Reeves. Even in his teen years, the Hollywood icon could see the mother’s influence on Scott.

“He was a pretty good kid,” Eastwood explained. “Not much of a problem. His mother gave him a lot of values, because she’s a good person.”

Scott also added that his father helped give him his edge in life, providing the strict structure he needed at the time.

“He made me hustle, and claw, and fight. That’s all stuff you want. You want that drive,” he said.