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‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Gets Nostalgic Around the Bon Fire, Remembers Jamming to Dolly Parton

(Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images)

For many people, their hometown will always hold a special place in their hearts. This is true whether they have moved away from home or if they are still living there. Someone who knows about the importance of those places in people’s lives is “Home Town” star Erin Napier.

The 36-year-old reality television star reflected on the meaningful nature of hometowns on social media this week. Her post encapsulates all that a hometown means to people – both as youngsters and as adults. And in her post, she shared how places she went to as a child still play a part in her life as an adult and as a parent.

Her reflections on hometowns might be something fans of “Home Town” get to see her expand upon in a future book. However, she decided to go ahead and share them with her Instagram followers.

“I had a thought earlier that I should save for a future book, but here it is: when you live in one town your whole life, your younger self owns the memory of things and places, even after new ones are made,” Erin Napier posted.

She’s right about that. The hometowns in our lives are full of memories. And, when we return to those places as adults, we usually can’t help but reminisce about days gone by. For example, think about going to a football game at the high school you attended when you’re an adult. Chances are when you go back to that stadium as an adult, you are flooded with memories of the games you watched there and of the people you watch those games with.

‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Sharing Her Hometown With One of Her Daughters

Obviously, “Home Town” star Erin Napier is very proud of her hometown. In fact, she still lives there. So, it’s not all that surprising that she is sharing that place with her daughter, Helen.

And like any wise parent, Napier is also making sure that her 3-year-old is being exposed to one of the most beloved country music stars of all time. This star is none other than Dolly Parton. Talk about rising a child right!

According to her Instagram post, the “Home Town” star is traveling down the same roads with her daughter as she did when she was just a teenager. While the purpose of those trips is different, the location itself remains meaningful.

“The road I drove Helen on last week while we sang Dolly Parton with the windows down is secondary, first it was the road where we went to rent videos on Friday after school,” Erin Napier also shared.

As an adult, the “Home Town” star is also enjoying something she did in her younger years. “Bonfires belong to me at 15, even though we had a bang-up one this weekend,” Napier captioned her Instagram photo.

You can check out Erin Napier’s post reflecting on her love of hometowns below.