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Hulk Hogan Hosting Wrestlemania 37, Fans Clash Over His Controversial Past

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Wrestlemania 37 welcomed WWE fans back for the first time in over a year, and Hulk Hogan was a key part of the show’s intro.

After a brief delay due to severe weather in the area, the show was able to get back underway. Hulk Hogan, who’s real name is Terry Bollea, was joined by his co-host Titus who spoke to the crowd at Raymond James Stadium.

The crowd was somewhat responsive as the pair called for hype and excitement. While Titus referenced his career, Hogan did the same, and asked for all of his “Hulkamaniacs” to get ready for the first live wrestling event in over 13 months.

However, the reaction on social media to the hosts was not exactly positive. While some fans thought Titus was lacking, most of the back-and-forth was over Hogan’s controversial past.

For context, a leaked sex tape displayed Hulk Hogan using the n-word, per Sports Illustrated. Further, the legendary wrestler was also recorded saying, “I’m a racist to a point, you know.”

Further, the WWE terminated his contract immediately after. But, within three years, he was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018. A controversial decision, it has led to debate in the time since, including on the opening night of Wrestlemania 37.

Fans Debate Over Hulk Hogan

As fans reacted live to the intro, it didn’t take long for jokes, callouts and feelings to arise. To start with a somewhat looser note, Twitter user @TheElitistonYT2 sounded off with just stating what he saw.

“Titus O’Neil Gets An Amazing Pop. Hulk Hogan is Getting Booed. Classic. #WrestleMania”

To corroborate what “TheElitist” said, local reporter @JonAlba mentioned the boos. Alba works for Spectrum Sports 360 in central Florida.

“A vocal portion of the live crowd is booing Hulk Hogan, for what it’s worth. #WrestleMania”

To get into more of the personal reactions, user and WWE fan @SickNarg3nt didn’t hold back on his feelings.

“If hulk hogan called me “brother” I think I would break his arm and then spit in his eye.”

One fan, @Goo3135, has a message for WWE chairman Vince McMahon.

“Someone tell Vince a lot of the universe is over Hulk Hogan #WrestleMania37”

In terms of volume, there’s considerably more fans vocal about their hate or dislike of Hulk Hogan. But it wasn’t all hate, as some also came to his defense.

One user, @claw_18, got a bit heated in his response to a user voicing their hate for Hulk Hogan.

“Honestly just shut the f–k up and enjoy the show. The video wasn’t supposed to be seen by the public and since it was he has apologized multiple times. Get over it, people like you are the problem with society.”

Yeesh, that’s a pretty strong response.

Other fans were highlighting nostalgia. Hulk Hogan’s success and popularity in the WWE and wrestling in general still reverbs today, as user @charlie_loulach.

“How great is it having Hulk Hogan at @WrestleMania , the man that started it all those years ago,my hero @HulkHogan.”