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‘I Love Lucy’: Lucie Arnaz Revealed Whether She Thought Her Mom, Lucille Ball, Had an Affair

(Photo by Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

It is common knowledge that being married while being a Hollywood star is difficult. That level of fame puts a strain on a marriage that – thankfully – most couples never experience. Rumors often surround famous couples and their alleged infidelities. This was true of “I Love Lucy” stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

Decades after both of her famous parents had passed away, Lucie Arnaz was asked to comment on their alleged infidelities. The topic came up during Lucie’s 2018 interview with the publication, “Palm Springs Life.”

How Lucie Arnaz truly felt about the topic was not clear from what she said in the interview. However, like most children, she was probably at the very least uncomfortable talking about her famous parents’ sex lives.

But, the child of the two “I Love Lucy” stars no doubt understood how to handle the media by that point in her life. So, she offered a straightforward answer when she was asked to comment on what had to have been an awkward topic for her.

That child, of course, was Lucie Arnaz. And, maybe luckily for her, she was not sure whether or not her famous “I Love Lucy” starring parents had cheated on one another or not.

“I don’t know,” Lucie Arnax told “Palm Springs Life” in 2018.

Daughter of Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz Said Her Parents ‘Went Through Some Really Bad Stuff Together’

The daughter of those famous parents was not completely oblivious to the drama that surrounded the “I Love Lucy” stars. She also appeared to be understanding of the need of one of her parents to hurt the other.

“They went through some really bad stuff together, and I wouldn’t be surprised if at one point there was a ‘touché,’ you know?” Lucie Arnaz told “Palm Springs Life” a few years ago. “It was a very complicated relationship, and so passionate it was ridiculous.”

The daughter of the two “I Love Lucy” stars didn’t end her comments about her famous parents there. She also acknowledged just how complicated the relationship between her famous parents often was.

“I don’t think anyone completely understands them,” Lucie Arnaz said in 2018.

The Success of ‘I Love Lucy’ Was Not Lost on Desi Arnaz

Hit shows like “I Love Lucy” don’t come around often. This was a fact that was not lost on one of its stars. In fact, Desi Arnaz once referred to the iconic sitcom as a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. He made those comments during a 1983 appearance on “Late Night With David Letterman.”

During the interview with Letterman, Arnaz said he was very much aware that the success of “I Love Lucy” is not something that comes along all that often.

“That’s kind of one of those things, you know, that if you’re lucky enough maybe as they say ‘once in a lifetime,'” Arnaz said during the 1983 interview.