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‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball’s Daughter Lucie Arnaz Delivers Heartfelt Birthday Message to Her Mom About ‘So Many Celebrations Coming Up’

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Lucille Ball would have been 110 today. The “I Love Lucy” star pioneered the way for many in television with her beloved classic series. Ball may have passed away in 1989 but that didn’t stop her daughter Lucie Arnaz from celebrating her birthday.

Arnaz shared a happy black and white throwback to their time together. In the photo, a young Arnaz embraced her mother in a hug. Both women were all smiles as well.

On Instagram, she wrote: “So many celebrations coming up to honor you, Mom. Your radio show is being replayed after 50 years on SiriusXM. There is a feature film coming out of your life and a wonderfully insightful documentary, a new educational tool, even a Tribute Barbie!!!! What else could you want? I hope you’re proud. Happy 110th heavenly birthday. We love and miss you every day.”

It’s true that it’s never been a better time to be a Lucille Ball fan. “I Love Lucy” is back in vogue. And the upcoming movie “Being the Ricardos” promises to cast new light on the TV actor. Nicole Kidman will bring Lucille Ball to life once more in the drama. Meanwhile, SiriusXM will debut a once-thought-lost radio series that starred Ball. Modern audiences can listen to Ball’s antics on the airwaves.

Lucie Arnaz On Relationship With Mother Lucille Ball

Lucie Arnaz previously discussed what it was like having two famous parents. Since she was born into fame, Arnaz didn’t really see her parents as Hollywood stars. Instead, she viewed them as two busy people who weren’t home as much as she would like.

Although being the daughter of Hollywood fame had its perks, Arnaz sometimes wished that her parents just had normal jobs instead.

“What is it like to be the daughter of famous people is what it is like to be the daughter or son of two busy people, two working parents that are not home a lot. So that is the downside. These are people that the entire world owned part of them too … We were alone without them. We were with great people that loved us … housekeepers and my grandmother Didi, but it was tough, looking back on it, it was very, very tough to make the connection that you want to make with your mom and your dad, when you have to make those connections with other people,” Lucie Arnaz said of her “I Love Lucy” parents during the interview.

Arnaz also said she struggled when it came to being a parent herself. She wasn’t sure exactly how to raise her own kids as a result. Despite her complicated relationship with her mother, Arnaz loved her parents and cherished her time with them.