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‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball’s Daughter, Lucie Arnaz, Explained Why She Doesn’t ‘Comprehend’ Her Mom’s Fame

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Most people will never even approach the level of fame of “I Love Lucy” star Lucille Ball. She was famous in a way most of us will never understand. That incomprehension includes her daughter, Lucie Arnaz.

“I don’t know,” Lucie said after she was asked to explain how she viewed her mother during an interview with Arlene Herson. “I don’t comprehend it really.”

The daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz then went on to elaborate on her feelings about her mother. To Lucie, the “I Love Lucy” star wasn’t just her famous persona, she was something much more important.

“She was just my mother,” Lucie shared. “She was a busy woman that a lot of people loved. I think I basically just said what I said was the truth – I mean I viewed her as my mother.”

Having been born into a famous family made living with the fame that “I Love Lucy” brought her parents just a fact of life. Basically, Lucie Arnaz didn’t know anything differently.

“If I had been adopted at a later age, you know 8 years old, and found myself in this family, I may have something to compare it to,” Lucie said during the interview. “But it was my family.”

Lucia Arnaz Also Praised Her Mother’s Work Ethic and Her Father’s Business Sense

Lucie Arnaz also described how she viewed the way her famous mother approached her work on “I Love Lucy” and other shows.

“(My mother) worked really, really hard,” Lucie said. “She was a perfectionist at what she did. She was very good at what she did.”

In addition to praising her famous mother, Lucie Arnaz also praised her famous father, Desi Arnaz, during this interview. He, of course, played Ricky Ricardo, the husband of Lucille Ball’s character on “I Love Lucy.”

In this interview, Lucie praised Desi for his abilities as a businessman.

“My father was brilliant,” Lucie shared. “No one knew how to run a company and make better decisions than Desi Arnaz.”

The Daughter of the Stars of ‘I Love Lucy’ Also Became an Actress

When the time came to choose her own career path, Lucie Arnaz decided that going into the entertainment business was what she wanted to do. In other words, Lucie went into the family business like so many other people often do. She used a family plumbing business as an example to illustrate how she felt about that.

“You know, If you want to be a plumber, and your father has a plumbing business and he says, ‘Come work for me!’ That isn’t something you are going to turn down, right? But then you have to go back and kind of prove yourself by getting the right education and everything else and it’s twice as hard because you are someone’s daughter that didn’t go to school, but went up through the ranks, so it has its pros and cons,” Lucie said of being an actress when her parents were such famous entertainers.

Interestingly, even though Lucie Arnaz was encouraged by her mother while pursuing her career, Lucie herself has not done the same for her own children.