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Jane Seymour Stuns on Beach in Eye-Catching Blue Swimsuit

(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Iconic Hollywood actress Jane Seymour actress made onlookers do a double-take after she was spotted rocking a periwinkle blue swimsuit. On Tuesday, the 70-year-old was pictured spending time with her family in Hawaii, proving she could still break hearts with her good looks.

Seymour was also accompanied by her granddaughters, Luna and Wills, who were enjoying themselves as they frolicked on the beach. On Instagram, Seymour showed off her floral wrap-around along with a white top and pink flower lei necklace as she soaked up the sun on the island.

For the former Bond girl, she has much to celebrate. Currently, she has four upcoming projects she’s working on, including two television series and two films. She will star in one of the series, “Glow & Darkness,” portraying Eleanor of Aquitaine’s part, starring alongside Joan Collins.

Check out the photos of Seymour in the blue swimsuit here.

Jane Seymour’s Secret To Staying Fit

Seymour says she incorporates Pilates into her daily routine as a way to stay in shape. Even though she tries to stay fit, she believes in never going on a diet and indulging every so often. “I take walks on the beach, I do Pilates… I try to keep fit and I try to eat healthily but I’m never on a diet or anything,” Seymour said. “Usually I’m up and running like now then I usually forget to eat until midday. My partner David is doing this intermittent fasting so he doesn’t eat until 2.”

Seymour has taken such good care of herself that she almost played her 25-year-old self in a flashback scene for the series. However, the producers gave the part to a younger actress. In an interview, Seymour opened up about the incident. “They told me that only I was going to play myself at 25 but before I even got round to doing it, the day before, without telling me, they found another actress to play me at 25.”

She continued by adding: “It’s something I really don’t understand at all because believe it or not, and you can see on Instagram, they don’t even need to do the facial stuff on me. It works just fine. Joan Collins is 87 and she’s supposed to be playing a woman who dies at 40.”