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Jason Isbell Hilariously Responds to COVID-19 Vaccine Steps, Says He ‘Would Never Do a Morrissey Tour’

(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Jason Isbell speaks his mind on just about everything. The Country Music Association, major pharmaceutical companies, Hal Ketchum, it’s all on the table for the folk-rocker. With 368,000 followers, the long-time songwriter speaks to a wide audience.

The latest from the former Drive-By Trucker? COVID-19 vaccines.

“Man I don’t give a damn if it’s a shot a wait a sexual encounter with a tree a bank loan at 40 percent interest a Morrissey tour and THEN another shot GIVE ME IT,” Isbell posted.

Obviously, Isbell doesn’t care much about the details of getting a COVID-19 shot, it’s just about getting it done.

Also, the Washington Post article in question explains that there will potentially be a need for patients to take multiple shots, and how that might affect the public reception to the upcoming vaccines.

While some may be concerned, Isbell clearly isn’t. But, in classic fashion, the “24 Frames” singer gets in another joke, this time at the expense of legendary pop artist Morrissey.

Whether it’s a jab at the Steven Morrissey or a jab at the music that the former The Smiths frontman makes, Isbell made sure to get that bit in there.

Isbell Responds to Grammy Nominations

Prine’s final song is being honored by the Grammys. “I Remember Everything” was released shortly after his death in April.

“I Remember Everything” is up for the Best American Roots Performance. The song is also up for Best American Roots Song.

Isbell is clearly happy to see Prine get a nod. Isbell offered his thoughts on Twitter.

“Congratulations to all the Grammy nominees today! Especially @JohnPrineMusic and the @ohboyrecords family @TheHighwomen!!”

Further, Prine is up for his 14th Grammy. Prine also possesses two Grammy wins, coming in 1991 and 2005. Additionally, both wins are for Best Contemporary Folk Album.