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‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Once Showed Off His Rap Skills

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Alex Trebek always had a trick up his sleeve to keep the audience and contestants entertained. Back in 2017, the Jeopardy! host was making headlines all across the country for rapping on the show.

He spent a little chunk of time reciting rap lyrics as if they were just written for poetry. The end product is absolutely hysterical and enjoyable. The legendary Jeopardy! host was using the lyrics from popular songs that went viral.

Some of the songs that he was tackling were some big ones in the world of pop music. Alex Trebek was reciting lyrics from “Bad and Boujee” by Migos and “I Got the Keys” by DJ Khaled featuring Jay-Z and Future. At the very least, this video clip is impressive, but it is certainly funny.

Legendary “Jeopardy!” Host, Alex Trebek, Comically Recites Rap Lyrics

Again, he reads all of the lyrics with a completely dead pan expression. The Jeopardy! host was seemingly poking fun at the incredibly different language in the songs. It might be that he was simply in awe of the syntax, linguistic ability, and perhaps the song’s parlance.

Nonetheless, his recitations of the songs are hilarious and will hopefully live on forever. There aren’t many people out there who won’t find the video hilarious. The way that Alex Trebek reads the lyrics is sensational, making the reading amazingly entertaining.

“Bankrolls on me keep me company. We did the most. Pull up in ghosts. Dabbin’ on them like the usual. I’m young and rich. Plus, I’m boujee.”

When the legendary Jeopardy! host, Alex Trebek, puts his mind to making something funny it is usually amazing. This is a prime example of that coming to fruition. Another great example of the host making an interminable contribution to his legacy is when he came out with no pants on while filming.